Mediterranean Style Pan - Fried Cod Goujons

Mediterranean Style Pan - Fried Cod Goujons


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About this recipe: "A tasty Mediterranean Style version of an old Family favourite"



  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil - for cooking
  • 2 x 6oz Cod/Haddock Fillets - skinned and deboned - cut into Goujons
  • Plain Flour - seasoned with Salt and Pepper
  • 1 Egg - lightly beaten in a bowl large enough in which to dunk the goujons
  • Quantity fresh Breadcrumbs - sufficient to fully coat the fish - on a flat dish
  • 2 Sprigs fresh Thyme
  • Salt ad freshly ground Black Pepper


  1. Place the goujons on a flat dish and coat them with the seasoned flour, making sure they are well covered on both sides;
  2. Dunk them in the egg mixture then coat them in the breadcrumbs, again ensuring they are well covered on all sides;
  3. Shake to remove any excess crumbs;
  4. Pour sufficient oil to fry the fish into a large frying pan;
  5. On a medium/high heat, add the thyme;
  6. Once oil starts to sizzle, add the goujons;
  7. Cook for some 3 minutes or so each side until crispy and just cooked through;
  8. Serve

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