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White chocolate and raspberry ice cream

Ribbons of raspberry are swirled through smooth, custard-based white chocolate ice cream.
Reviews (6)

21 Aug 2013
Reviewed by: Cooking in Tanzania
We loved this ice cream. We have tried about 3 other recipes for ice cream. Because the eggs here are not refrigerated, it was important for me to find a recipe that cooked the egg. The consistency was just like store bought ice cream. The first time I made it, I cut the sugar to 1/2 cup and it was still yummy but I will add the full amount in the future. White chocolate chips are non-existent here and bars are too expensive so we didn't use any. Plus, it probably would have been really sweet for our taste. I didn't want to mess with scraping the vanilla bean so we just put the vanilla in at the end. We thought the raspberry handling was lots of work so the 2nd time we just heated the raspberries and poured them in seeds and all. Yummy yummy makes me yearn for haagen daaz being so far from home. We also just put it in the freezer as we don't have an electric ice cream maker. It's thick enough that things don't separate while setting up in the freezer.
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21 May 2013
Reviewed by: Kimberly
This was a creamy as I had hoped it would be….some custard recipes take on an eggy taste, but not this one… I am impressed and will be making this one again and again over the summer. I added white chocolate chunks and chopped macadamia nuts at the end when you add the raspberries…. those little added treats of goodness made this ice cream even more delicious.
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04 Sep 2014
Reviewed by: Sweetslover
This is OUTSTANDING! If you love white chocolate as I do. My husband loved it and he's not a vanilla nor white chocolate lover. I have several recipes of my own for vanilla ice cream that do not require cooking. I've never 'cooked' an ice cream (too much trouble for me... Well, this one is worth it! Didn't have any whole milk on hand so I used Half & Half. My vanilla beans are small, couldn't get much out of 1, so I used 2. Other-wise made as directed. Yes, it was a bit of a hassle with the raspberries, but so worth it. I ended up adding the raspberries at the end (using a Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker, which I love BTW) and let it run for another 5-8 mins. or so, and it came out mixed into the ice cream, not swirled. Fantastic! I'll definitely be making again & again (as diet permits..
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05 Aug 2017
Reviewed by: ConkyJoe
Made this for a get together, and they were all over this. Disappeared quickly. The white chocolate makes this very rich. A true epicurean will find this shamefully wicked but suffer no guilt. Makes 1.5 quarts.
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22 May 2017
Reviewed by: Dave & Bee
YUMMY!!! Took me back to my childhood, delicious ice cream.
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11 Mar 2015
Reviewed by: Linda
OUTSTANDING!!!! My family all loved this recipe. Followed it to and didn't make any changes. I have made ice cream before and this is so far the best!!!
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