My basic Bread recipes using Panasonic Bread Machine.

    I use a modified version of the recipes that came with the machine. In answer to the queries that were on your home page this may help. I use the measure that comes with the machine and have been using the recipes since we bought our first machine 22 years ago. We have recently bought our third Panasonic machine. I use the measure that came with the machine, it has a small measure (teaspoon size) on one end and a larger measure (probably 2 teaspoons) at the other. The ingredients are placed in order into the machines bucket.

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    • First I add the yeast - I use dried active yeast, of very fine granules
    • Tare the scales at this stage and add approximately 133g of strong white bread flour
    • Add strong wholemeal bread flour to 400g
    • one large measure of powdered milk.
    • one large measure of Gran. sugar
    • one small measure (teaspoon) of salt
    • one small measure (teaspoon) of salt,
    • 18g of butter (or olive oil)
    • tare the scales again. and lastly add 286g water at room temperature


    1. The bucket is now ready to go into the breadmachine
    2. This bread mix can be left for up to 8 hours before starting the baking process. We decide at what hour it is convenient to have the bread ready, set the routine for a 5 hour cycle and press "GO"


    I use the same recipe for Strong bown flour and for Strong white flour bread but use a 4 hour cycle. As the time taken to assemble the ingredients has to be repeated each time I bake, I have found it worthwhile to make up a dozen batches of dry ingredients (including the butter) in sandwhich boxes that are stored in the fridge until needed. I place the dry ingredients in reverse order with the butter on top into the boxes. I find it easier to weigh the water than measure it by volume (1 ml of water weighs 1g.) The instructions that come with the machine state that the yeast should be kept apart from the rest but I have never found that it mattered.

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