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    • 1 x egg
    • 1 x slice of finely diced beetroot
    • 200g of flour (wholemeal, spelt or rice flour for example)
    • 100g of gently cooked bacon bits
    • 1 x tsp of creamed cheese (NOT the 'light' variety)
    • Optional: A tsp of high quality spirulina


    1. Gently cook the bacon bits, wiping any excess fat and leave to cool
    2. Crack and egg in a small bowl and mix well with a fork
    3. Put a little flour in a mixing bowl and add the bacon bits, 3/4 of the mixed egg and mix well.
    4. Add a little more flour until dough like and then add one small slice of beetroot, finely diced.
    5. When the consistency is dough like and not too wet, roll the dough out and use the heart shaped cookie cutter. Place the shapes on a baking tray covered with greaseproof paper. Make sure your cookies are not thicker than 5mm as they will be too thick and not cook through properly.
    6. Pre heat the oven to Gas Mark 3 (160c, 325f) 140c for fan assisted ovens. Using the remainder of the mixed egg glaze each heart and bake for ten minutes.
    7. Flip them over, glaze the back of the hearts and bake for a further 5 - 10 minutes until cooked through.
    8. Allow to cool and if you want 'ice' them with a small blob of creamed cheese with a garnish of beetroot. If you want pink 'icing' add a little beetroot juice to the creamed cheese.
    9. Serve to your furry family members, who have probably been glued to your feet since you started cooking. Happy Valentines Day from the Wagnificent HQ.

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