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Quick rice pudding

You'll never need to buy the canned rice pudding at the stores after trying this easy eggless version made over the stove. It tastes creamy, with soft grains of rice, like a traditional baked pudding.
Reviews (12)

09 Dec 2012
Reviewed by: BozandBob
We used full fat milk an it was lovely! Off to make MORE!!
17 Dec 2013
Reviewed by: babyycakee
it did not thicken(maybe did it wrong) but the taste is delightful (I like strange food, if you don't... just try it) I changed from semi to whole milk please reply if I needed to add semi for it to thicken
15 Nov 2012
Reviewed by: LizLee
did not thicken, so kind of like rice soup. not bad flavor wise though.
06 Jul 2015
Reviewed by: CharlieKenworthy
At first tasted like long grain rice and luke warm milk, then added as much sugar as possible and became the best rice pud pud in town, gr8
09 Feb 2017
Reviewed by: JadeReginaRobinDavies
i made my own rice pudding if you want any tips here they are i put full fat mike and 3 table spoons of normal everyday sugar in a pan and bring them to the boil then add rice you can use any then put the pan lid on and lower the heat then keep taking the pan lid off and occasionally keep stirring until the mike is thickening and the rice is soft for at least 35-40 mins
19 Jan 2017
Reviewed by: GeorgieHarrison
Worked beautifully thank you I used semi skimmed milk and I'm delighted with it!
29 Jul 2016
Reviewed by: dadiscookin
Lovely, thickened fine with 500ml semi skilled milk then added the 300ml and boiled as per instructions, worked perfectly, cheers.
10 May 2016
Reviewed by: MaxJones
Great for what it is, very quick as it says. so far i've done it twice. the first was great. both times i added vanilla extract with the sugar however after the second time it didn't thicken too much. i stirred it at a low boil for a few minutes more and it got better. Tastes very good though.
06 Apr 2016
Reviewed by: BelindaRichardsBrown
This rice pudding was lovely so easy to do i followed the recipe it was delicious i wont be buying ready made again thank you for the recipe
02 Apr 2016
Reviewed by: JulianHumphrey
Worked for me nice and thick added a little nutmeg yum


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