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Creamy Wild Rice and Chicken Chowder

This is a hearty soup with a lot of texture. It is perfect in winter with a roaring fire and some crusty bread. You can really change the taste of the soup depending on what kind of chicken you use. Poached chicken yields a good flavour, whereas roast chicken offers a more complex taste.
Reviews (57)

27 Mar 2010
Reviewed by: telek8
Needs a lot more water or stock than recipe said as it was far too thick, I saved some in the fridge for another day as I usually do and when I came to heat it up u could cut it with a knife lol, also the flavour needs something more not sure what though, overall not bad but could be better.
24 Apr 2001
Reviewed by: Caroline
I really enjoyed this recipe - it's different and tasty. A couple of tips: add the carrots later in the cooking process. After simmering with the rice for an hour, they got pretty soft. Also, be careful when you put the soup in the blender - because it is so hot, it flares up when you run the blender. Leave plenty of room for steam to escape - it might be safer to blend it in two batches of 1 cup each, unless your blender pitcher is larger than normal.
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10 Nov 2006
Reviewed by: What a Dish!
This was pretty good. It had a great texture, I mean, it was wonderful. (It just could have used a bit more flavor). I didn't plan on pureeing it, so I thickened it with some milk and flour. It got pretty thick that way, and I still added the cream. It was smooth, and just thick enough. I would even say it was silky, lol. I added two garlic cloves, and used a grocery store rotisserie chicken. Served with "cheese bread" from this site. Very filling! I got my wild rice at Trader Joe's- much cheaper than it would be elsewhere.
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10 Jan 2006
Reviewed by: Amy Austin
This was extremely good! I added a bit extra chicken (3 boneless skinless breasts, pan fried in butter). I also used a 3 rice blend, because that's what I could find in the store - I think it was wild, regular, and red rice. It didn't have to cook as long as the directions stated. It was SO good! Next time, I'm not going to bother pureeing it, because it was just fine without that step, and that way I won't have to clean the darn food processor!
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29 Sep 2005
Reviewed by: Laurel Durgee Gyes
I really liked this chowder with just a few changes. First, I used 2 pounds cut up chicken breast stir fried in minced garlic with 1 tablespoon italian spice. I used my crockpot to cook it all in and added the heavy cream 1 hour before serving. I did not puree any of the soup and it still came out thick and hearty.
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06 Nov 2001
Reviewed by: ODI2OK
This is a great creamy wild rice soup! Taste is similar to the wild rice soup at "Grandma's restaurant in Duluth, Minnesota. I think I will put some mushrooms in it next time.
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26 Jul 2000
Reviewed by: JSS764S
This is a really tasty and wonderfully hearty soup. It does tend to get very thick, so extra liquid is necessary. Also, leaving out the bay leaf and substituting a bouillon/water combination for part of the stock still makes a great soup!
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14 Oct 2006
Reviewed by: Cottonista
I was looking for the perfect recipe to use my wild rice--and I found it! I made this soup for a "tail gate" meal during this year's harvest. My father-in-law said, "There's nothing wrong with this soup," meaning he really, really liked it. My husband agreed that it was a keeper. A change I made was reducing the broth to about 6 cups because I only had about 1 cup wild rice, and I like my soup to be thicker. You absolutely must season this soup, or it will be bland! I used creole seasoning to flavor instead of salt and pepper (creole is a staple in our kitchen). Thanks for the awesome and EASY recipe!
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05 Dec 2005
Reviewed by: TIKIGODS21
I loved this recipe! I did use half and half instead of the heavy cream. It wasn't very thick, but use it if you want it more like soup than chowder. I added mushrooms and garlic as well. Will definitly make again and again!!
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13 Nov 2002
I made this recipe on a cold fall night for my husband and Mother-in-law and it was absoulutly perfect. The soup was full of flavor, creamy, and totally wonderful. The ingrediants seemed a bit simple when I looked at it, but after trying it I could eat this every night!
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