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Simple smoked mackerel on toast with poached egg

This is a firm favourite of a weekend. Extremely simple dish to execute but full of flavour and richness.
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16 Jan 2014
Reviewed by: TalkingToo
I use Raymond Blanc method for poached eggs and it is fail safe if time consuming. Boil pan of water - add tablespoon of vinegar. Break egg into ramekin to assist pour. Create whirlpool in centre of pan by whisking the water. Pour the egg in to the vortex. This will create the professional teardrop shape. Reduce the heat to a gentle bubble and cook for 3 minutes. Then remove the egg with a slotted spoon and immediately plunge it into ice cold water to halt the cooking process. Repeat this process for as many eggs as you need. They can stay in this state for 2-3 hours so can be prepped well ahead. To serve re heat all together for 1 and a half minutes in a gently bubbling pan of water. As RB says 'poaching is not boiling'. I also use potato farls for the toast and put a small handful of watercress between the bread and mackerel.
03 Mar 2011
Reviewed by: gem1258953
I tend to tweak the way poached eggs are done - if I do them any other way they go wrong! Here goes; You need a small shallow pan (a small frying pan is ideal) and really fresh eggs for this method. Heat enough water to cover the eggs and break one egg into a cup. When the water is at a gentle simmer, carefully pour the egg and allow the white to coagulate around the yolk. You can now add a further egg ( I think 2 cooked together are enough to handle!) Poach for about 2-3 mins if you like a soft yolk or 4-5 mins for a firmer egg. Remove from pan using slotted spoon, drain quickly on kitchen paper & serve immediately.
17 Jun 2010
Reviewed by: Anil
09 Sep 2009
Mousecatcher said:
Does the water to cook the eggs need to be boiling?


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