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Sultana farfel kugel

Farfel is a small pasta used for Jewish kugel, which can be either a side dish or a filling dessert. This recipe is a sweet kugel with sultanas.
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22 Apr 2008
Reviewed by: EricaKop
This kugel was incredible!!!! Let me start off by saying, I doubled the recipe before I even tried it after reading the reviews. After having used my flat bakeware for other recipes, I had to bake it in a souffle baker - ok, so it would be a bit tall. When preparing the recipe, I beat the eggs in the mixer and made them super fluffy. After soaking the matzoh, and following the directions to the letter (except I added extra raisins...mmmm, and used marg. instead of butter to serve with meat) , I ended up putting what looked like soup into the oven (I was a bit concerned at this point). Let me tell you.... I had to bake this a bit longer than the recipe called for because of the height of my baker, but what came out of the oven was an incredible, delicious sweet, moist kugel like I have never had. I make this twice and brought it to two seders, and EVERYONE raved! We couldn't stop eating it! I will be using this recipe all year round!!
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16 Apr 2006
Reviewed by: atm
Absolutely fantastic!. My dh and dd loved it and asked for seconds. I will need to make a double batch next time. Husband usually complains when I put raisins into anything - but he loved this - and it was so simple to make. The only change I made was to use margarine instead of butter so I could serve with a meat meal.
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04 Apr 2007
Reviewed by: MURFEIN
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13 Apr 2006
Reviewed by: Dolfangirl1969
Thank you so much for this! I am doing my first Passover and just made this. I'm sorry I didn't double it. It's sooooooooooooooo good. I am running out now to get more raisins to make another batch! Happy Passover!
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29 Sep 2009
Reviewed by: Genee_in_a_bottle
I served this with dinner for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, and it was a hit both times. I used golden raisins and the first time I soaked them in water as the farfel was soaking in the water and then egg, and the next time I soaked the raisins in sweet wine. It made them plumper. Definitely don't lose heart when your mixture is liquidy. It firms up quite nicely once baked! Next time I am adding chopped apple.
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19 Apr 2011
Reviewed by: matchstick atom
I didn't add quite as much sugar and brown sugar is even better!
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13 Apr 2008
Reviewed by: jkoltov
AMAZING. I brought this to my parents' for Passover. There were 20 people and everyone loved it. It does have a lot of cholesterol, so I later experimented using only egg whites and smart balance spread... it still tastes great!! Thanks for the amazing recipe!
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23 Jul 2007
Reviewed by: deckthehalls
Very tasty! I've never had anything quite like this before and decided to try the recipe despite the fact that I've never even been to a Seder. My parents both thought it was great. Will be making it again! =D
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13 Apr 2007
Reviewed by: Mindy Beller
Really yummy. Wonderful for Passover and a great all-year-round breakfast food.
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20 Apr 2011
Reviewed by: spence3787
here's how to make it 5+ stars IMHO: 1. Use Whole Wheat farfel. 2. Use golden raisins at 1.5C. 3. Use sea salt. 4. Instead of 2C white sugar, use 1.5 C Lgt Brown plus 1/3 C honey. 4. Use Vietnamese/Saigon Cinnamon (well worth the extra cost in this blandish recipe). 5. butter needs to be unsalted and softened. 6. Add 3-4 peeled and slivered Granny Smith apples. 7. May take a bit longer to cook, so loosely foil to cover if getting too brown. 8. Let rest 30 minutes to solidify before cutting
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