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Red velvet cake

A wonderful recipe for the classic American red velvet cake with a white chocolate cream cheese icing.
Reviews (395)

10 Dec 2012
Reviewed by: Anya_Cake-a-tier
Brilliant recipe! People who are having problem with colour that is due to using liquid food colouring!!! NO NO NO!! Use gel colouring (available is asda ) when mixing the cocoa powder mix for about 3 minutes with a spoon it wont really mix much but when you add it to your mix and put your mixer on..voa-la! ITS RED! if you feel like adding more gel food colouring to it go for it do not be scared. WARNING >> it is a concentrate so only add like 1/2 teaspoon at a time. I made lots of cupcakes out of this recipe and people have actually placed orders for them today. happy baking!
01 Oct 2010
idontknow said:
Used different ingredients. I had to add icing sugar to the buttercream, as it wasn't sweet enough otherwise. Im not sure if it was mistakenly omitted as other similar recipes do call for icing sugar. it also helps stiffen the buttercream up for easier frosting of the cake. otherwise a great recipe.
05 Jan 2013
Reviewed by: VindyaBandara
I tried this recipe. It tasted really good.. But i had to do A few adjustments. Well if your using a single cake tin you need to bake the cake for about an hour. When you make the frosting, after you beat the cream cheese add the melted chocolate (make sure its cool down) and mix them. Then add butter little by little while mixing. You don't have to add the given amount of butter as it will make the mixture runny.. By doing this i had a perfect cake and perfect frosting..
28 Oct 2011
Reviewed by: Winnieb
This recipe did not work at all for me! I would be interested to know which food colouring people used. I used Asda natural food colouring and it did not create a paste with the amount of cocoa powder given and ended up with just a big blob which didn't successfully mix with the eggs and butter and certainly didn't give a red colour. On baking, the cake didn't rise and didn't taste nice at all so it went in the bin! I am a very good baker and think that the amount of sugar is excessive as is the amount of cocoa powder. I shall try again and see if adjustments will work.
02 Mar 2011
LadEraver said:
Altered ingredient amounts. Loved this recipe, however I really didn't feel the need to add the butter to the white chocolate mixture, i felt the cream cheese and chocolate were a great as a cake covering just by themselves, once the butter was added it changed colour, consistancey etc....Wont be adding the butter again! Also added roughly another tbsp of food colouring for a richer deeper colour! Very pleased with the outcome!
19 Oct 2012
Reviewed by: Lottysmummy
really wanted to find a good red velvet recipe to impress at my daughters birthday and I've just done a practice run with this recipe and it's soooo easy but I did make a few adjustments after reading the reviews. I only did a half quantity cake as it was just for practice but I kept the cocoa powder quantity up high at 2 tbsp and I only had semi skim milk so that had to do. I used Silver Spoon food colouring and the colour is lovely and red. I forgot the vanilla extract by accident (dooooh!) but the mix tasted ok. Its in a large single cake tin and this 1/2 quantity cake took 35 -40 mins @ 170C in a fan oven. I got the mixer out but didn't use it, you can easily do it all by hand.
24 Jun 2012
Reviewed by: ediblebob
Although a bit hesitant when adding vinegar, you couldn't taste it. I understand the other reviews saying you needed to add more red food colouring, however mine came out quite red, and although next time i'd add more - I think it is dependant on each person. Tasted scrummy and looks amazing, very easy to follow recipe. So thank you very much. Don't leave a crummy review just because you burnt it.. all times and instructions are open to a bit of interpretation
04 Feb 2012
Reviewed by: ChilliPepper
Total unmitigated disaster and I am a very experienced baker! The mixture did not bake properly and was like goo. The colour reminded me of something found only in baby's nappies. The smell when baking was horrendous. It was a disgusting sludgy brown and nowhere near red. I tasted some of the half cooked goo and it was foul. I have just spent the last hour cleaning my oven and I am as mad as hell at the total waste of ingredients.
08 Oct 2011
Reviewed by: pixieminty
I have made red velvet cakes before, but decide to try this recipe as it save me converting cups into gram. I wont be doing it again. The cakes sank in the middle. It was so bad with one that I could not use it at all (I have never had this problem with other cakes). Dispite using twice the amount of food colouring, the good quality stuff! it was not red. I am very disappointed with the results and will be going back to US recipes in future!
20 Apr 2011
Reviewed by: myl
I made this cake for a birthday and everybody loved it! I did not have 3 cake tins the same size so I cooked 1 the night before and 2 on the day. If you are leaving your mixture overnight - be sure to seal it and put in fridge/freezer. Once I took mine from the fridge, the mixture was dough like. I added 1 egg white and 20ml buttermilk to soften. Whisked for about 5-10mins to regain the right consistency then re-added the bicarbonate soda and vinegar. I also added a few extra drops of red colouring because the mixture had lightened a little overnight. The cakes turned out beautifully and the frosting was super quick and easy to make. Allow time for the white chocolate to cool though, takes about 30mins. Remember to allow your cakes to cool also before frosting, I suggest in a different room or if you're in a hurry, slice the top off and place in the fridge for 20mins. The sponge is super soft and springy, not too heavy and the icing is just delicious! It is a great combination and I cannot wait to make this again. You may want to add more cocoa powder for flavouring, balance the food colouring until you achieve the right colour for your liking, but do this after you have added the flour since this always makes it lighter. If you have added significantly more cocoa powder, then add an extra spoon of buttermilk to soften the mixture. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!


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