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Homemade natural yoghurt

For us DIY-ers, this is an easy way to make creamy, smooth yoghurt at home! It tastes GREAT, and it works! It is yummier and cheaper than shop-bought. When you read it, you might think it is too involved... but really, you just let it sit in the warm water, checking the temp every now and then. It actually does its own work - kind of like letting bread rise. I use the time to get other things done around the house. Don't be scared off - it's really pretty easy.
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16 Nov 2009
Reviewed by: hladik
I followed the recipe as is but made 4 quarts worth as we use it in our fruit shakes every morning for breakfast. I have kept this yogurt in the fridge for up to 3 months and it is still good. I tried two different durations of incubation this time, one for 6 hours and one batch for 12 hours. I thought the longer incubation would cause the yogurt to become tart- but they both tasted the same. I am just happy I have 4 quarts of yogurt for basically the cost of a gallon of milk. Basically a savings of around $10. For our fruit breakfast shakes, we use frozen strawberries and blueberries from Cosco (1/2 cup of each) plus 1 or two bananas and a couple cubes of ice and about 1/2 cup of yogurt. We add half a stem of grapes instead of honey or sugar to make it sweat. If you like your shakes thick, add the frozen fruit. If you like it more liquid so you can drink it through a straw, keep a container of the fruits in the fridge and add the thawed fruit to your shake with a bit of the juice.
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04 Nov 2012
Reviewed by: Bossier
Great reminder. I used to make yogurt (using this recipe) all the time when I was in Nursing school...Used my apartments radiator and left it overnight. Great yogurt. added sugar, vanilla, etc before letting it set. Fruit preserves after for changes in flavor. Great recipe!!
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22 Feb 2010
I am so happy to have a way to make my own yogurt now! I used 2 quarts of milk and 1/2 c yogurt, no dry milk, and I ended up with a nice, thick yogurt. I had to leave about 3 hours into making it, so I preheated my oven a bit, stuck the whole pot of water/yogurt in there, and lit 4 tealight candles. When I got back 3 hours later the water bath had only dropped to 108° and the yogurt was perfect! I am making more right now...
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29 Jun 2013
Reviewed by: YumMama
Tweaked for no-strain Greek yogurt in microwave, cooler/heating pad, en mass!! 14 quarts (1 Q ea) whole milk, 10 1/2 cups (3/4 C ea) dry milk powder, 42 tablespoons (3 T ea) plain yogurt [I use Stoneyfield because it has 6 strains of active cultures!]. STERELIZE: 14 quart ball/mason jars/lids/rings, measuring cup 3/4, measuring spoon 1 tablespoon, funnel, and stirring spoon. MIX: Pour 1/2 quart milk & funnel in 3/4 cup dry milk powder in each jar stir well. Pour other 1/2 quart milk into each jar stir well. Cover jars w/ paper towels. HEAT: Equally space 4 four jars max and microwave for 20 minutes. Carefully remove & cover w/ paper towels on counter to cool. Repeat until all jars have been heated. COOL: While covered jars cool under 110F - line bottom/sides of clean/dry cooler with aluminum foil, place uncovered heating pad in bottom on low, cover with paper towel, let warm while finishing jars. INOCULATE: As jars reach 110F mix 3 tablespoons plain yogurt in each jar stir well, screw lids/rings tightly. Carefully place jars in cooler equally spaced, place aluminum foil on top, cover with folded towel, close cooler top on cord. SET: Place cooler in dry, calm indoor location, plug in set to low keep @ 110F-115F (45C). Check temp +/- 2 hours (if too hot unplug) re-cover DO NOT shake, stir or vibrate yogurt while setting!! Let set for 6-9 hours total. Then open cooler for about a hour. Place jars in fridge, keep cold good for 14 days. (I make twice a month) Enjoy! YumMama
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03 Nov 2012
Reviewed by: alseguin
I have done this hundreds of times. I often use a wide mouth thermos for the incubation and it works quite well. For those who like a yogurt more like the store bought just put in a teaspoon of disolved gelatin in milk prior to incubating and you get a result that is similar to store bought.
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23 Jul 2010
Reviewed by: renaduck
This was not to my liking! it was lumpy and grainy textured and I did not care for the taste. This is my second attempt at making yogurt the first time i used real milk this time i used the powdered milk. i will definitely stay with the real milk it was really good i don't even know why i was thinking about changing recipe.
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21 Oct 2009
Reviewed by: m145t0237
Awesome, homemade yogurt! It is forgiving as someone said, I let it get up to 135f. and it still turned out good. I used 3 full pint jars that did fine. Can't wait to try adding flavors, aaaahhhhhhhhh!!!
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17 Jan 2015
Reviewed by: ChiCookieCrazy
I used this with my mom's SUPER easy method to keep it warm (which she got from a Lebanese friend). Stir the warm mixture, put in a thermos, seal and let it sit on the counter for 5-6 hours. This does make a runny yogurt, but you can strain it to make it thicker.
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15 Jul 2014
Reviewed by: KimandDennis Bemis
I made mine by setting the filled and lidded quart jars on top of my upright freezer wrapped in a heavy bath towel. The temp there is just 103. By morning I had the most delicious yogurt waiting for breakfast .
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