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Aubergine Rounds

Savoury aubergine with a hint of spice. Serve as a starter, side, or use to top toasties with lots of melted cheese. I recommend grilling these rounds rather than frying, but they are delicious either way!
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19 Sep 2012
Reviewed by: Kaylene Steele
I used olive oil, instead of veggie oil. I added flour and not just cornmeal and seasoning salt instead of chilli powder and oregano. It was a hit. I also caramelized an onion and served them with that on top as a side to spaghetti and marinara. So tasty. Hubby and I couldn't get enough, but the kids were too nervous about the egg part of eggplant.
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23 Jan 2018
Reviewed by: DenilJ
This is a good recipe. I baked the eggplant in the oven based on reviews from other cooks. I added a little turmeric, smoked paprika and cayenne to the coating/mix. It needs more seasonings for our taste. I would make this again.
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05 Jan 2017
Reviewed by: KANDIYOHIV
Try again using the normal recipe. But I stole inspiration from here and soaked & pressed my eggplant, seasoned with chili powder, salt and oregano (go light on the salt) and pan fried in some butter and olive oil. Was very good. Next time peal most of the rind away.
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09 Sep 2015
Reviewed by: edenlove92
I love this recipe however,I sometimes change it up by just slicing the eggplant and dipping the slices in egg then bread crumbs and fry them with salt and pepper and its just as good. you can also sprinkle a little bit of shredded cheese on it or put fete and tomatoes slides its a yummy and healthy meal. the kids I care for and my little siblings love them.
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27 Feb 2013
Reviewed by: susanbl
What a delicious and simple eggplant recipe. I grilled this as suggested and it turned out really well. It was a little dry, but I served it with a homemade tomato-based sauce which made it just perfect.
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