Beef recipes (1875)

    Find recipe favourites including roast beef, beef stroganoff, beef stew and beef Wellington as well as new recipe ideas for mince, corned beef and stewing steak.

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    A crunchy deep crust of herb-flavoured breadcrumbs ensures a succulent roast beef. It's roasted with a selection of root vegetables and served with a rich gravy, made using the pan juices.

    Recipe by: Maggie Pannell

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    A classic, comforting beef stew - the perfect one pot meal.

    Recipe by: Kathy

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    A slow cooked silverside joint of beef that's delicious served with roasted vegetables and lots of mash and gravy.

    Recipe by: Teresa

    87 reviews

    This is an extremely flavourful, tender, sumptuous slow cooker recipe. Perfect for guests or as a warm comfort food! Also great to prepare in advance and freeze!

    Recipe by: heidigrl43434

    69 reviews

    Fabulous, classic comfort food.

    Recipe by: Hel C

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    Steak with mushroom sauce

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