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    This tastes a hundred times better than anything you could buy in the shops. Amazingly it tastes pretty good as soon as it's cooled, but ideally it should be left for at least a month to allow the flavours to develop. We've opened jars after 6 months and they are even better! Ginger makes this quite fiery, you might want to adjust the quantity to suit your own taste. Vegetables can be varied according to personal preference; red peppers and sweetcorn are suggestions.

    Recipe by: Tomsmum

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    This makes a large batch of sweet and spicy chutney - great for sharing with neighbours and friends at Christmas! Spicy and sweet, this delicious chutney goes well with breads, cheeses and chicken.

    Recipe by: cheap chef

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    We live in Saudi Arabia in a close-knit community full of different cultures, and our neighbours from Pakistan have become like our extended family away from home. Kokub, one of our neighbours, makes the most amazing mango chutney. A few years ago she invited me to help her. Of course, she doesn't use a recipe, so the NEXT time I went over with my scale so I could recreate her magic on my own. What an incredible experience!

    Recipe by: PREGOCOOK

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    This recipe was created by me as an experiment to re-create a yummy chutney I had sampled elsewhere . . . but I ended up making something far tastier! The apples combined with sugar and balsamic vinegar give a great taste, which works perfectly as an accompaniment to cheese, particularly Cheddar. Add this sauce to a cheese sandwich and be prepared to melt with satisfaction! This recipe uses estimated measurements as I always cook by taste and consistency, so feel free to add your own tweaks!

    Recipe by: monkey88

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    If you love onion chutney and apple chutney, you'll love this combination! Another one of my favourite chutneys, which is excellent on sandwiches or with roast meats.

    Recipe by: iluvbread

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    This deep purple, sticky, sweet onion marmalade tastes delicious with so many things - you might want to double the recipe! Pairs well with mature cheddar, blue cheese or goats cheese, or on chicken or roast beef sandwiches. Add a dollop on top of pate or beside a slice of quiche. Makes a wonderful gift for friends and neighbours at Christmas.

    Recipe by: Ita

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    This tomato chutney recipe is easy to make and tastes great just on crackers. As this chutney disappears instantly with my family and friends, I always like to make a large amount (but there is still never enough to satisfy the demand...).

    Recipe by: gartenfee

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    I have a passion for sweet and sour combinations of food. Since I inherited a greenhouse with an excess of 100 tomatoes and chillies, I have made a number of chutneys and this one is amazing. I have it with Indian food as well as cheese and salads. Neighbours and friends are very complimentary about it. I love it as an alternative to mango chutney.

    Recipe by: TonyArnold

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    I won't claim ownership of this recipe and neither will my Nan. This and the one for Green tomato chutney both come from from a booklet that she gave me that was printed in 1949 by the famous Min of Ag and Fish. Both are delicious and hark back to more frugal post-war days.

    Recipe by: hippychick

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    One of the culinary delights of my childhood was my nan's marrow chutney. Every year she used to make 2 large earthenware crocks of this chutney. She used to serve this for supper, along with my pop's pickled shallots, mature cheddar and fresh crusty bread. It was so good that I used to take marrow chutney sandwiches to school with me. Unfortunately my nan had never written the recipe down and it was lost with her demise. Fortunately several years ago a friend of my mother (Mrs Kibbles) gave us a jar of her marrow chutney. It tasted exactly like my nan's and I obtained the recipe from her. So to be fair this recipe should be called Mrs Kibble's marrow chutney, but to me it will always be my nan's.

    Recipe by: moonshado

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