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    Find scrumptious recipes from Eastern Europe - including hearty Polish stews, Borscht, Hungarian goulash, chicken paprikash, Russian beef stroganoff and more. Find easy to make recipes from home cooks like you.

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    6 reviews

    Stuffed cabbage rolls is a favourite dish in many Russian homes. Cabbage leaves are precooked and stuffed with a minced meat and rice filling. You can substitute minced turkey for a lighter version.

    Recipe by: Olechka_Kavalenko

    5 reviews

    This courgette pate is a vegetarian's dream. A traditional Polish recipe, it can be enjoyed as a sandwich filler, or as a nibble or starter on crackers or toasted crostini. You could even enjoy it as a main.

    Recipe by: Olenka

    141 reviews

    This is a very rich and flavourful slow cooker stew with a thick, red, smoky tasting sauce. Great for making a day ahead and reheating. Instead of pasta, you can serve over rice or potatoes.

    Recipe by: jellicle

    1497 reviews

    My family loves soup and this is one of their favourites. It has lots of flavour and is fairly quick to make. It's primarily a mushroom soup but derives a lot of its flavour from other ingredients.

    Recipe by: HAMM

    218 reviews

    This is a wonderfully simple, yet delicious cake! It is so moist and fresh, it will surely be a favourite with your family, just like it is with mine! The main length of the preparation time is cutting and peeling the apples. A mixture of apples works great, although I usually use Golden Delicious.

    Recipe by: Mona

    Recipe videos: Eastern European cuisine

    • videoTitle
      Babka cake
    • videoTitle
      Kulich (Russian panettone)
    • videoTitle
      Pierogi (Traditional Polish dumplings)
    • videoTitle
      Yeasted plum cake
    • videoTitle
    • videoTitle
      Stuffed cabbage rolls
    • videoTitle
      Russian Napoleon torte
    • videoTitle
      Rogaliki (Polish jam-filled crescents)
    • videoTitle
      Poussin Bonaparte
    • videoTitle
      Polish white sausage
    • videoTitle
      Polish pickled beetroot
    • videoTitle
      Polish fish and root vegetables
    • videoTitle
      Polish borscht
    • videoTitle
      Letcho (Hungarian sausage and pepper casserole)
    • videoTitle
      Pierogi dough
    • videoTitle
      Crispy courgette fritters
    • videoTitle
      Creamy baked carp with mushrooms
    • videoTitle
      Courgette pate
    • videoTitle
      Blueberry pierogi
    • videoTitle
      Bigos (Polish hunter's stew)
    • videoTitle
      Apple sauce cake
    • videoTitle
      Russian baked beef

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