Mincemeat recipes (20)

    Find recipes for homemade mincemeat, as well as recipes to use it with. We have mince pies, mincemeat cake and biscuits, and lots more. We also have twists on traditional mincemeat, such as delicious pear mincemeat.

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    Perfect mince pies to serve at Christmas or to include in a Christmas hamper! Use best-quality shop bought mince, or plan ahead and make your own with this recipe.

    Recipe by: Patches

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    For those who love mince pie, these scrumptious biscuits are a treat.

    Recipe by: Glenda J.

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    I didn't have time to make a huge batch of mincemeat so I added a good glug of Bushmills whiskey to shop-bought mincemeat. It really kicks the flavour up a notch, especially if you let it soak overnight. The almond topping is a lovely change from pastry. Any leftover topping can keep in your fridge for a week or two.

    Recipe by: Ita

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    Here is a classic mincemeat recipe without any suet. You can mix up the dried fruits a bit, substituting dried cranberries, cherries or blueberries for some of the raisins and sultanas. Perfect for your mince pies at Christmas!

    Recipe by: Cassandra

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    Here is an easy and nice alternative to traditional mince pies. Keep puff pastry and a jar of premium mincemeat to hand and you have a very easy, quick Christmastime snack.

    Recipe by: RedChowDawg

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