Nut free recipes (1492)

    If you or a loved one has a nut allergy, we have the answer. Find hundreds of delicious nut free recipes for cakes, desserts, muffins, biscuits, cookies, brownies and loads more - all from home cooks like you.

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    255 reviews

    This luxurious all-butter shortbread is simple but classic.

    Recipe by: Cheryl Otten

    9921 reviews

    This is moist and delicious with loads of banana flavour! Friends and family love my banana bread - it's wonderful toasted, too. Once you taste this, you'll never throw away those ripe bananas again!

    Recipe by: Shelley Albeluhn

    3115 reviews

    Banana muffins make a healthy snack for children after school. They are so easy to make and freeze well too. So, make these instead of throwing away those brown bananas!

    Recipe by: Abi

    235 reviews

    A very simple microwave sponge pudding in less than 15 minutes with a texture between a sponge and a steamed pudding. Flavour it by adding raspberry jam, treacle or golden syrup to the bottom of the final bowl. Serve hot with custard.

    Recipe by: BUTTERCUP8

    175 reviews

    These simple oat biscuits are perfect for tea or a morning elevenses. So easy, you'll make these biscuits all the time!

    Recipe by: Amber

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