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Find loads of pork recipes to make something spectacular out of pork loin, pork fillet, ham and gammon, sausages and chorizo, pork chops, bacon and more.

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Use good quality sausages, any flavour you like! Cook them in Yorkshire pudding batter to make this traditional dish that children love. Don't forget the gravy!

Recipe by: stablespy


This recipe has become, hands-down, my favourite ham! This has replaced our Christmas ham and makes the entire house smell amazing! There is nothing like coming home with this ham cooking! Experiment with the amounts of seasonings to your liking. I prefer more nutmeg but some prefer less nutmeg and more maple syrup!



Beautifully tender pork loin and thyme served with a cider sauce.

Recipe by: Dawninfrance


I started making this dish a few years ago after apple picking with my children. I was looking for something different to do with some of the apples and this turned out to be delicious! We all enjoy it and hope your family does too.

Recipe by: MNKENNEY


Pork is a lean meat that offers good value for money. Spare-rib steaks are particularly well-priced, or you could use loin steaks.

Recipe by: Maggie Pannell

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Spanish stuffed pork

Spanish stuffed pork

Roast pork roulade

Roast pork roulade

Minced beef and pork pie

Minced beef and pork pie

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