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This is a dense, Italian-style flat chocolate fruitcake with an abundance of dried fruit and nuts. It can be made well ahead of when you need it so it's perfect over Christmas with black coffee or liqueurs. Cut into thin slices or small wedges as a little goes a long way!

Recipe by: margaret_fullington


Delicious festive muffins to suit all tastes! Perfect served warm to family or guests at Christmas.

Recipe by: Patches


A rich chocolate cake, infused with vanilla and topped with fresh pears. This cake looks as gorgeous as it tastes.

Recipe by: Carmencita

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This is a delectable combination of flavours, perfect for when figs are in season. The chocolate sponge is light but flavourful, thanks to the yoghurt and olive oil. The cinnamon adds a hint of warmth, but is optional. For a special touch, serve with thick Greek yoghurt that you've whipped with a touch of honey, dust with extra cinnamon and serve with a fresh fig half on the side.

Recipe by: Diana

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