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A Nigerian coconut truffle that is a favourite with children of all ages.

Recipe by: Forgemaster

6 reviews

Here is an easy and nice alternative to traditional mince pies. Keep puff pastry and a jar of premium mincemeat to hand and you have a very easy, quick Christmastime snack.

Recipe by: RedChowDawg

12 reviews

A hearty winter soup which gets its delicious flavour and lovely colour from a combination of ingredients: red peppers, tomatoes, peanut butter, chilli pepper and brown rice.

Recipe by: PIETOGO

5 reviews

A must every Halloween - this recipe is great fun! A fake hand is frozen in a rubber glove and then presented in a bucket or glass punch bowl. Dress the hand up with a few Halloween gimmicks like spiders.

Recipe by: MOMMYGABS

No reviews

Here's a simple recipe for making tortilla crisps at home.

Recipe by: Kirstin

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This is a sweet lemony syrup for pouring over cakes, which is typical of Greek cuisine. You can also use this as an alternative to maple syrup on pancakes, or to drizzle over ice cream. It's very sweet so a little goes a long way!

Recipe by: Denise

2 reviews

Mulled cranberry juice, like mulled wine, is a winter tradition in my home. This warm, comforting drink is easy to prepare and is great for Christmastime.


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This is a spicy yet fruity marinade that's great for pork or chicken. After marinating, it is made into a glaze by thickening it on the hob.

Recipe by: Rhonda

2 reviews

Just what it says on the box: spaghetti tossed with garlic and olive oil. I like to give this simple dish a kick by adding dried chillies. Serve with grated Parmesan.

Recipe by: Kathleen Novo

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Mixtures of fresh wild mushrooms, widely available in supermarkets, are good for making a quick soup that tastes really special. Instead of thickening or puréeing the soup, serving it as a light broth allows the individual flavours of the mushrooms, vegetables and herbs to be fully appreciated.

Recipe by: Azmina Govindji

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