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I prefer to make a shortbread base rather than use digestive biscuits - it tastes a little richer. But the choice is yours. Either way, this is a great dessert for a crowd.

Recipe by: Samantha


It's a simple and easy recipe that we made in food technology at school.

Recipe by: mollywhe

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Now my granny taught me this. She cooks by her nose as do I... so I don't always pay attention to times.

Recipe by: Paddy_Kitten

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An extremely lemony pie, only hardcore Lemon lovers need apply.

Recipe by: dayslikethese

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Easy and quick to make and makes a change from the conventional stuffing. With the basic recipe, any ingredient can be added to suit different tastes and meats. Sometimes I put haggis or black pudding into my breadcrumbs. The red pepper can be changed to anything - rosemary for lamb, sage for chicken, etc.

Recipe by: tippyairie

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A delicious stuffing made with a variety of mushrooms. Porcini, crimini and shiitake mushrooms are mixed together with cubed bread, leeks, celery, hazelnuts and herbs. Use to stuff a chicken or turkey.

Recipe by: Christine L.

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The perfect stuffing for a roast turkey or roast chicken. Sausagemeat is mixed with cubed bread, leeks, apples and dried cranberries. Serve for Christmas dinner or Sunday lunch.

Recipe by: Ibby

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A great way of using up leftover pumpkin bread. Fresh herbs are the stars of this mushroom stuffing. Serve alongside a roast dinner. It will also go well for Sunday lunch or Christmas dinner.

Recipe by: Ibby


Try these scrumptious roasters with your Sunday dinner. I hope you agree they are the best you have ever tasted! The technique sounds crazy but trust me, it works!

Recipe by: craigveitch


This is a fantastic stuffing to use in roast chicken, duck, turkey or goose. It's made with chestnuts, wholemeal bread, celery, apple, cranberries and fresh herbs. Try it at your next Sunday lunch or Christmas dinner.

Recipe by: Schneeball

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