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This isn't your usual chilli con carne. Black beans and turkey mince make for a delicious twist on the classic. This hearty soup is an easy - and healthy - way to feed a crowd, and also freezes well. Top with grated Cheddar.

Recipe by: Rebecca Slone

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Cooked chicken is combined with cannellini beans, green chillies, onion and garlic in this quick and easy chilli dish.

Recipe by: Nancie Thompson

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The simple, delicious flavours of this soup will make it popular with all the family. Try it for lunch at the weekend, served with plenty of crusty bread and fresh fruit to follow.

Recipe by: Azmina Govindji

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Tempt children to enjoy vegetables with this easy leave-to-cook dish of vegetables and baked beans spiced up with barbecue sauce and with a top layer of melting smoked cheese and sliced potatoes. Delicious!

Recipe by: Jan Cutler

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Butternut squash, green beans and sweetcorn make a superb combination in this fast and tasty stew, based on a Native American dish. Serve with crusty bread.

Recipe by: Jan Cutler

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Keep a can of baked beans on hand to make this easy, budget-friendly meal that the whole family will love.

Recipe by: Jan Cutler

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After a painful (yummy, but ridiculously unhealthy) amount of experimenting with different recipes I came up with this one. I think it's pretty damn good, myself. Also, it's sooo much better if you can leave these in a fridge overnight, as this makes 'em far more fudgey (ie far more YUMMY!). They go down great at school =D

Recipe by: cellery

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A yummy pie made with pumpkin, perfect for Halloween.

Recipe by: ixmaybexugly

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Biting into a good pulled pork sandwich is (to many Americans, anyway!) like going back to a warm summer day in one's youth! This recipe gives two ways to prepare the pork: The traditional barbecue, indirect heat method or oven. As with all true barbecue, it takes time, but it is OH so worth it

Recipe by: WileyP

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New Mexico, USA is known for its wonderful "Big Jim" (New Mexico #6) green chiles, even to the point of having numerous autumn festivals using it as the primary theme. Many dishes here utilise this amazing ingredient in one form or another, the green chille cheeseburger being one of the favourites.

Recipe by: WileyP

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