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This lamb shank recipe was initially given to me as a family favourite from a mate at work. I've prepared it in a slow cooker and made it as easy as possible to prepare. It has a fantastic flavour and the meat just falls off the bone. I have made this in the oven as well and doubled the quantities for four people and it tasted just as good, only everybody went in for seconds and there were no leftovers.

Recipe by: Hans Speek

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An easy slow cooker recipe for a whole chicken. This is such a simple recipe for something SO good! Serve with steamed rice.


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Creamy coconutty rice pudding.

Recipe by: nerysmer

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A slow cooker recipe for a very tasty curry. This is an economical recipe, and is ideal when there is a vegetarian in the family. The potatoes make it a filling dish, and the aubergines and mushrooms give it interest and pleasing texture. The amount of curry paste can be changed to suit the taste of your family.

Recipe by: bretoncook

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Chettinad cuisine is from the Chettinad region of Tamil Nadu, South India. The Chettiar community, who are a majority in this region is credited with this cuisine. Chettinad cuisine is famous for it's liberal use of fresh ground Masalas and is the spiciest and most aromatic in India. Chettiars do not eat Beef and Pork. In Chettinad food, the most important spices are Marathi Mokku (dried Flower Pods), Star Anise and Black Stone Flower or Kalpasi (a rare dried flower).

Recipe by:

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Tonight's dish is a simple to prepare Japanese meal. Nikujaga is a home-cooked dish, a meat, potato and onion stew cooked in sweetened soy sauce. It is served with a bowl of rice and miso soup.

Recipe by: TheThermalCook

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This Pakistani curry is also known as nihari. Beef is slowly cooked in a wonderful homemade spice mix. Although traditionally eaten as breakfast, you can enjoy it for lunch or dinner.

Recipe by: asholly82

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Save yourself the hassle and create this fantastic Moroccan Lamb recipe yourself with our pre-prepared Moroccan Lamb Spice Mix sachet, it's so easy! This truly is an authentic blast of Moroccan flavours and the whole family will love it. Only natural spices go into this spice mix to ensure it tastes great. Serve with couscous.

Recipe by: Foodbuff

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This Chinese pork stew is cheap to make and tastes fab. Pig's trotters are boiled, then cooked in a slow cooker with soya beans and aromatic seasonings. Enjoy alongside rice, if desired.

Recipe by: Carol

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Fab finger food or serve with fried rice. Pork ribs cooked in the slow cooker with bourbon, honey and spices.

Recipe by: Samantha's Supper

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