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A tasty, budget friendly dish, that kids and adults love. Depending on the strength and maturity of the cheese, vary the amount according to taste.

Recipe by: jean.isacke

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This is my recipe for the kids' favourite. Try adding anything from bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes or onions.

Recipe by: I. Gould

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This is a basic macaroni cheese recipe which is based upon an amalgamation of a couple of recipes from old books. Macaroni cheese is one of my favourite dishes, but obviously is not terribly healthy and it is soooo easy to over indulge so this recipe is refined to make just enough for a meal for two people to snuggle up to on a cold and rainy evening.

Recipe by: jon.cording

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One of my favourites - on a really cold winter's night there's nothing better than this pasta bake in my opinion. It's super easy and cheap to make, and something that all the family is sure to enjoy.

Recipe by: hermann

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