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These gorgeous cookies have a little bit of everything! Chocolate sweets, chocolate chips, digestive biscuits and chopped nuts make for a surprisingly tasty combination. This makes a big batch - perfect for cake sales, kids parties or freezing.

Recipe by: Maureen Worman

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A rich, buttery chocolate chip cookie that's loaded with chunks of white chocolate and macademia nuts.

Recipe by: Mary

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These are definitely the best cookies you will ever eat! They melt on the tongue, and have a slight crisp yet soft and gooey texture. The chocolate chips add a very special touch, but you can leave them out if you prefer. So delish you cant stop eating them!

Recipe by: lucy-IOI

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Soft, gooey and absolutely delicious! Here's one recipe for chocolate, pecan and oat cookies that adults and kids alike will love. We tend to make them rather large, to enjoy warm with ice cream as dessert but a smaller version would be ideal for an afternoon snack.

Recipe by: geneviever

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If you like your biscuits or cookies to be crispy, bake longer. If you like them to be softer, leave the cookies on the baking tray for a few minutes before removing to cooling racks.

Recipe by: MARBALET

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I developed a dairy free, gluten free chocolate chip cookie recipe. This updated classic is one of my favourites.

Recipe by: elanaspantry

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