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These are probably the best gluten-free chocolate cookies I've ever made. They turn out soft and chewy, not chalky and dry like my other attempts! I haven't tried making them without egg but that might work. I use a gluten free mix of rice flour, sorghum flour, tapioca flour and chestnut flour with a pinch of xanthan gum. Sifting or whisking helps keep them lighter in texture too. Enjoy!

Recipe by: Q. Anker

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These chocolate chip cookies are gluten free and egg free, but you won't miss a thing once you try them!

Recipe by: Barbara Arnold

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These gluten-free cookies are simple to make and taste fab. The cookie dough is enriched with black treacle and dotted with dark chocolate chips and walnuts.

Recipe by: Possum

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Made with quinoa and oats instead of flour, these chocolate chip cookies are perfect for anyone who needs to avoid wheat.

Recipe by: grampnana

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These flourless chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies are the quickest, simplest cookies that you'll ever make, and they taste great! You can easily freeze the cookies as well, they'll defrost in about half an hour at room temperature and will taste freshly baked!

Recipe by: brookie_85

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These gluten free cookies are made with low GI agave nectar, a natural fructose sweetener which is low on the Glycaemic Index. You can find it in larger supermarkets and health shops.

Recipe by: neel

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I developed a dairy free, gluten free chocolate chip cookie recipe. This updated classic is one of my favourites.

Recipe by: elanaspantry

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