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Chocolate cookies with dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate chips with a bit of added chocolate for good measure.

Recipe by: Mitch1207

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We've heard of energy bars... Well these cookies are made with protein supplement, for a homemade energy bar that's really a cookie!

Recipe by: Cathy

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These gorgeous cookies have a little bit of everything! Chocolate sweets, chocolate chips, digestive biscuits and chopped nuts make for a surprisingly tasty combination. This makes a big batch - perfect for cake sales, kids parties or freezing.

Recipe by: Maureen Worman

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A recipe I picked up from a book at school in food technology, although I altered it a bit for my own taste.

Recipe by: amebum

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This recipe is so versatile you can substitute the cohoclate for anything you want really- I tried mine with a mixture of white, milk 'n' caramel and plain milk- bits left over from Easter! Great for a snack or lunchboxes- enjoy. There's no need to buy chocolate chips- just chop chocolate into suitable sized chunks.

Recipe by: loves_2_bake

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After years of tweaking my chocolate chip cookie recipe, it is now ready for public consumption. It has been laboratory-tested on many of my friends all of whom seem to think its pretty great, as do I. They certainly aren't healthy, but its well worth the requisite post-cookie eating cardio workout. I hope it works for you as well as it has for me! Enjoy!

Recipe by: Felix K.

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My lil choc chip cookie recipe... They have been a huge hit with everyone who has tried them so far...

Recipe by: ClaraBella

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If you like your cookies soft but not floury, these are for you. Try using M&Ms, Smarties, chopped white chocolate, etc. instead of the plain chocolate chips, if desired. Note that they firm well when cooled, so if you like soft cookies you may want to take them out of the oven a tad on the early side.

Recipe by: squeak_15xes

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This is a versatile recipe that has been an absolute hit with everyone. My hubby loves the biscuits with the plain chocolate chips whilst I love the chocolate cookies with the 'energy mix'. The great thing is that you get two varieties of cookies from one easy recipe. A sure hit with everyone!

Recipe by: karrimebub

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Chocolate, Chocolate and more chocolate in a cookie. These are super simple to make at the last minute - it takes only a few minutes to through the ingredients together. The cocoa can be doubled for a richer chocolate flavour.

Recipe by: uberho

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