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Chocolate cookies with dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate chips with a bit of added chocolate for good measure.

Recipe by: Mitch1207

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These gorgeous cookies have a little bit of everything! Chocolate sweets, chocolate chips, digestive biscuits and chopped nuts make for a surprisingly tasty combination. This makes a big batch - perfect for cake sales, kids parties or freezing.

Recipe by: Maureen Worman

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We've heard of energy bars... Well these cookies are made with protein supplement, for a homemade energy bar that's really a cookie!

Recipe by: Cathy

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This recipe is so versatile you can substitute the cohoclate for anything you want really- I tried mine with a mixture of white, milk 'n' caramel and plain milk- bits left over from Easter! Great for a snack or lunchboxes- enjoy. There's no need to buy chocolate chips- just chop chocolate into suitable sized chunks.

Recipe by: loves_2_bake

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After years of tweaking my chocolate chip cookie recipe, it is now ready for public consumption. It has been laboratory-tested on many of my friends all of whom seem to think its pretty great, as do I. They certainly aren't healthy, but its well worth the requisite post-cookie eating cardio workout. I hope it works for you as well as it has for me! Enjoy!

Recipe by: Felix K.

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This is a versatile recipe that has been an absolute hit with everyone. My hubby loves the biscuits with the plain chocolate chips whilst I love the chocolate cookies with the 'energy mix'. The great thing is that you get two varieties of cookies from one easy recipe. A sure hit with everyone!

Recipe by: karrimebub

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Chocolate, Chocolate and more chocolate in a cookie. These are super simple to make at the last minute - it takes only a few minutes to through the ingredients together. The cocoa can be doubled for a richer chocolate flavour.

Recipe by: uberho

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These cookies are simple to make and taste delicious. Make them plain or coat them with a variety of toppings. Enjoy with a cup of tea.

Recipe by: debbie1

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These cookies are easy to make and taste fab. They will be loved by both kids and adults. Pop them into packed lunches or enjoy with a cuppa.

Recipe by: becs

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These cookies are chewy, soft and totally moreish. They are quick and easy to make. Enjoy for afternoon tea, elevenses or pop into packed lunches.

Recipe by: tobi_jayne_wall

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