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This Spanish cocido hails from Madrid and is a hearty all-in-one meal, perfect for a chilly winter evening.

Recipe by: Luis Luna

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An easy to prepare slow cooked chicken and chorizo dish. Serve with rice. For the chorizo, don't use the pre-cut thin stuff - get an actual sausage!

Recipe by: Moonrat

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This is a very quick and easy meal that was passed down to me from my mum, who claims she invented it (I'm not sure that I believe her though). Done in a matter of minutes, great for last minute dinner parties! Guests will enjoy the variety of taste in this meal.

Recipe by: CurlyWurlyEm

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I made this with what little I had in the fridge and freezer on a Mother Hubbard day. It was difficult to choose the "cuisine" for this dish. I'm Scottish, but it's inspired by a tapas dish from my favourite Spanish restaurant Torres (Glasgow). Whatever, it tasted really good for something thrown together in a sparse kitchen. Let me know if you like it. If I were to change anything I'd probably add some red onion and maybe sprinkle over some toasted pine nuts, but this is it in the original form I know works.

Recipe by: Kidtechnical

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This family paella recipe is simple, authentic, flavoursome, delicious and satisfying if you use good quality ingredients. I have catered for hundreds at a time with it and had no complaints, and I'm always being asked for my recipe so here it is! This recipe serves six.

Recipe by: Emma_Idelica

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Perfect after a long day when minimum effort and maximum taste is desired. Super simple, super tasty! Just put it in the oven and leave it, what could be easier?:) Serve with a green salad and lots of allioli!

Recipe by: emjay

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Gorgeous winter warmer, made in one pot. A family favourite! Chicken, chorizo, colourful peppers, courgettes, potatoes and butter beans all go into this decidedly delicious dish! You can use chicken breast instead of chicken thigh.

Recipe by: shep

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A yummy, smoky stew that's satisfying even in hot weather! This is a light stew, so if you're looking for a hearty winter meal, this one probably isn't for you. Serve with ciabatta for a light snack or with rice for something a little more filling. Don't worry about this being neat, it's messy and rough and easy to cook! And it tastes good!

Recipe by: jessikafield

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I ate a similar recipe at a Beefeater Grill restaurant. Was so good and I wanted to make it for myself. After a bit of trial and error, I think I made an acceptable version of it. If you like it hot, add more chilli. If you don't, add less or none at all. This is a firm favourite with my family and the flavours all come together and make it nice. The smoky chorizo (which is a pork sausage so non-pork eaters are aware) and the sweetness of the sauce mix very well.

Recipe by: Tedwards

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A creamy risotto with a spicy kick which is perfect for a weekday comforting meal or equally good dressed up for a dinner party served in posh bowls with a crisp salad on the side. Very tasty and simple to make.

Recipe by: oddbird1

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