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Blimey - bread sauce just adds so much to a Christmas feast! It's easy to make, and make ahead, so don't sell yourself short on the day - have it ready and waiting in the fridge to be heated up. This is my family recipe passed down three generations, how many Christmas feasts is that??

Recipe by: geneviever

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Use turkey giblets, which typically include the neck, gizzard, heart and liver, to make a rich and delicious turkey gravy to accompany your showstopper roast turkey centrepiece. Ask your butcher for turkey giblets with your turkey, as supermarket turkeys often do not include the giblets.

Recipe by: RuthE

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No turkey roast is complete without lashings of delicious homemade gravy. This is our favourite family recipe and we love how fast it is to make!

Recipe by: The Gruntled Gourmand

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Add a little something special to your gravy with this flavourful and rich turkey gravy with the perfect amount of dry white wine.

Recipe by: SarahGColey

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This turkey gravy is easy to whip up and ideal for making ahead of your feast, as it does not use any drippings from the roast turkey, just stock.

Recipe by: Veronica Harper

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Avoid the last minute rush and uncertainty by making the gravy for your feast ahead of time! This gravy is freezer-friendly and can be frozen or stored in the fridge for five days. Perfect!

Recipe by: john.jacoby

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This is a simple recipe and tastes really delicious! Nothing nicer than having home cooked sauces with your meals, nicer than any shop bought sauce!

Recipe by: katep4

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I made this version of bread sauce for the first time this Christmas and it was a success. Very little was left after the traditional Christmas lunch and the sauce will compliment a Sunday roast of chicken.

Recipe by: DorsetJammer

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This turkey gravy is made with a tin of condensed chicken soup to making it extra rich and creamy. Quick and easy to make, this is an ideal gravy for a turkey roast dinner.

Recipe by: Graden

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Despite the time and effort this gravy takes, it is definitely worth the wait and will result in a rich and flavourful gravy ideal for special turkey roasts.

Recipe by: JULZBROWN

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