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A lemony, chewy flapjack. Enjoy!!!!!!!!

Recipe by: sweetooth


These bars are the perfect treat for adults and children. They are crunchy, oaty, sweet and delicious. You can add nuts or dried fruit for variation, if desired. Enjoy with a cup of tea.

Recipe by: MissJane41

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Quick almond flapjack recipe. Great snack in a lunch box. Just four ingredients - oats, brown sugar, butter and almonds - come together for an extremely tasty and wholesome snack.

Recipe by:


This is a simple but tasty flapjack for any aged chef from a master to beginners cooking with their kids. It is very easy and simple to do for anyone of any skill.

Recipe by: kuppet

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A nice little recipe I came up with. It's yummy and you can eat it warm or save it in an airtight container. They are a nice gift you can share with friends or keep to yourself 'cause they're too good to share. They taste really scrummy with hot chocolate or mocha.

Recipe by: CurleyCee13


A recipe for yummy and chewy flapjacks! The coconut adds nice flavour. You can also add 50g chocolate chips or chopped apricots in step 3 if you like.

Recipe by: Pearli

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These flapjacks make a lovely treat for the whole family. These flapjacks are beautiful with a wonderful chocolate hazelnut taste. Even though these flapjacks taste amazing they are also low in fat.

Recipe by: IsabelleWardd

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These flapjacks are sweetened with all-natural honey instead of sugar and are just delicious. Try adding dried fruits or nuts to the mix.

Recipe by: rachm1989


I try and make something for my husband and kids to take in their packed lunch boxes which will not only fill them up but give them good energy for the rest of the day. I took some of my favourite recipes and came up with my own variation.

Recipe by: a7Xrock


A sweeter twist on the Scottish classic and a national favourite. These delicious chocolate covered flapjacks can be made in 30 minutes. Waiting for the chocolate to set is the hard part!

Recipe by: abbie1999

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