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This is a wonderful local treat from the New Forest. Using Lyburn's own Stoney Cross and a local set New Forest honey. Serve as an alternative dessert.

Recipe by: JHB-Cheese

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This was a dessert/drink experiment my boyfriend and I came up with - so good! Each person can mix to suit himself/herself!

Recipe by: KAF5978

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A no-bake kosher for Passover seven layer cake, with creamy chocolate, and kosher concord grape wine-soaked Matzo - you'll be looking forward to the end of the Seder for this one!

Recipe by: BSROSS

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This recipe was handed down to me from my Italian mother. It's known as 'Torta di Castagne'. It is a no-bake cake, you simply throw all the ingredients together, form a log and allow it to chill overnight before slicing and serving. It is great for any special occasion, on its own or served with whipped cream.

Recipe by: maria

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A delicious and creamy no-bake blueberry dessert that's reminiscent of cheesecake.

Recipe by: BIRDIEF

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Pashka is a Russian cheesecake-like dessert, made to celebrate Easter. It is made from cream cheese, cottage cheese, soured cream, butter, sugar, almonds and currants. This is a no-bake dessert, but does need to chill for at least 8 hours.

Recipe by: JACKIE_FETT

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To make a liqueur similar to Baileys Irish Cream.

Recipe by: y_hutton

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Rubicon mango juice is set with slices of mango to make refreshing, sophisticated jellies that taste deliciously fruity and light.

Recipe by: Clareeb

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The perfect way to make use of fresh peaches when in-season. A digestive biscuit base is topped with a marshmallow-cream and fresh sweet peaches. This dessert is simple to make and is delectable.

Recipe by: 5boys2cook4

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This dessert is sweet and creamy. It's a fantastic alternative to the classic pumpkin pie. Enjoy as a dessert any time of the day.

Recipe by: Jodster

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