Cranberry sauce recipes

    The easiest of cranberry sauce recipes require little more than three ingredients - so go on and make your own cranberry sauce for the Christmas table! Leftovers are delicious and keep for weeks in the fridge.

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    This is a wonderful cranberry sauce for Christmas dinner. It goes well with turkey or goose.

    Recipe by: Ryan Downs

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    This is a chunky cranberry sauce with apple, sultanas and spices. I suppose it's more like a chutney, but either way it's great with leftover turkey on Boxing Day.

    Recipe by: Christine L.

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    This is a tasty and colourful alternative to regular cranberry sauce. I make up a batch of a dozen jars around Christmas for friends and neighbours.

    Recipe by: Jansen

    249 reviews

    This recipe was given to me by a friend of ours. It has been a Christmas lunch favourite for over ten years.

    Recipe by: MARJK

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    A cranberry sauce which goes great with roast turkey and also roast chicken. The cinnamon takes it the extra mile.

    Recipe by: cln83

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    This is a simple recipe and tastes really delicious! Nothing nicer than having home cooked sauces with your meals, nicer than any shop bought sauce!

    Recipe by: katep4

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    This cranberry and clementine sauce pairs perfectly with roast duck. It also works well with turkey, goose or chicken.

    Recipe by: jean.isacke

    5 reviews

    Delightfully fragrant and spicy cranberry chutney. It's a nice departure from a traditional cranberry sauce.

    Recipe by: CHRISTYJ

    74 reviews

    A lovely recipe that my mum-in-law gave me. We have enjoyed it as an alternative to traditional cranberry sauce.

    Recipe by: Sher

    553 reviews

    "This has been a 'trade secret' for years, but it's so good I decided to share it! It's everyone's favourite, and can even be poured over a log of goat's cheese and served with crackers for an easy and delicious Christmas canapé."

    Recipe by: Leeza

    2 / 5

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