Leftover turkey recipes (69)

    Find some innovation for all that leftover turkey with our recipes for deluxe turkey sandwiches, turkey curry, turkey pie, turkey soup, turkey salads and more.

    Top leftover turkey recipes

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    Everyone loves a good biryani, and this turkey biryani is no exception! I buy turkey a lot, because it's usually cheaper than chicken breasts, and also healthier. My family love this turkey biryani.

    Recipe by: iluvbread

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    An interesting and spicy solution to the leftover turkey dilemma on Boxing Day. Leftover turkey is cooked with tomatoes and green chillies, spiced with cayenne and cumin and finished off with fresh avocado and coriander for a zesty, unique soup.

    Recipe by: Doug Matthews

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    This is a twist on butter chicken, but instead uses turkey. I like to use turkey year round, as it's healthier and often cheaper than chicken. This turkey curry is very simple to make, with just a handful of ingredients. And instead of the curry powder, you could use your favourite curry paste to taste.

    Recipe by: iluvbread

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    Take your leftover roast turkey and turn it into this delicious warming pie. Using Christmas dinner leftovers and shop-bought pastry, this recipe could not be easier!

    Recipe by: Elizabet Childers

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    This is a warm, creamy dish that's perfect for using up all the leftover turkey meat on Boxing Day! Serve with rice or just crusty bread and salad. You can easily use this recipe with leftover chicken, too.

    Recipe by: Ita

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