Fish cakes (72)

    Fish cakes are easy to make and a great way to make use of both tinned and leftover fish. Find recipes for crab cakes, salmon fishcakes, haddock fish cakes, Thai-inspired fish cakes and lots more.

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    9 reviews

    You absolutely cannot go wrong with this fish cake recipe. I make these fish cakes with leftover fish, though you can also poach the fish and allow it to cool. Likewise, you can use leftover mashed potatoes, but it is best to use chunky mash.

    Recipe by: Lucy

    283 reviews

    Theses quickest, easiest crab cakes are some of the best I have ever eaten! Great served with grainy mustard or your favourite mustard sauce. For best results, use a buttery cracker for the cracker crumbs.

    Recipe by: LINDACHEK

    113 reviews

    This recipe is a great way to used tinned or leftover salmon, and is easily adapted to include whatever spices you like.

    Recipe by: Marianna

    171 reviews

    Delicious fish cakes made with cod, potatoes, onion, butter and parsley! You can substitute salmon for cod if you would rather make salmon cakes.

    Recipe by: DRAGON11

    621 reviews

    My kids do not like anything fishy. I snuck this one by them and they loved it. I serve them as snacks, in sandwiches or as dinner with rice and a veggie on the side. Personally I like to dip them in horseradish.

    Recipe by: JoyLee

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      Tasty salmon cakes
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      Easiest ever crab cakes

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