Fish cakes

    Fish cakes are easy to make and a great way to make use of both tinned and leftover fish. Find recipes for crab cakes, salmon fishcakes, haddock fish cakes, Thai-inspired fish cakes and lots more.

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    Delicious fishcakes, coated in crumbs and gently fried until golden. The peppery flavour of the watercress is a perfect balance to the salty fish.

    Recipe by: SHONAB52

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    Serve one as a starter, or two for a more substantial dinner. Serve with a green salad and a little aioli on the side. These are a great way to use up leftover potatoes too!

    Recipe by: cisacke

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    This is a great alternative to the standard salmon patty recipe using couscous, spinach, and cumin for an exotic flavour.

    Recipe by: Emily

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    An easy light lunch or cheap and cheerful supper using tinned tuna. Serve with green beans or salad.

    Recipe by: Raquel

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    These are cheap quick and tasty, plus they help give your kids omega three found in oily fish, fibre and vitamins!

    Recipe by: cheekycookie

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    Combine the ingredients for these fish cakes in just two easy steps, then form into mini-cakes for canapes or party nibbles, or into larger cakes for a main course. See the footnote to serve with an easy Thai dipping sauce, or serve with sweet chilli sauce for ease.

    Recipe by: lynjoymac

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    These easy fish cakes are simply delicious and call for crushed crackers, lending fabulous texture and flavour. Serve these in mini portions for a starter or party nibble, or as larger cakes for a main. Seafood or tartare sauce works a treat.

    Recipe by: Bobbie Kaye

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    These crab cakes are absolutely delicious. The mango salsa adds a special Caribbean touch. I prefer to use fresh crab meat, but you can use whatever is to hand.

    Recipe by: JULIEP

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    These fish cakes aren't any ordinary fish cakes, they have prawns, red pepper, Parmesan and chillies added in them. A highly flavoursome fish cake that breaks away from the norm.

    Recipe by: Bubba

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    An easy and tasty fish cake takes 30 minutes to prepare, 30 minutes to chill and 10 minutes to fry or grill. Serve with leafy salad if you want to be really healthy, or with new potatoes or chips, whatever you fancy. If you make too many, instead of chilling them, freeze them individually for a fast meal another day.

    Recipe by: maryanne1

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