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    Chock-a-block with fruit and veg, we've loads of recipes to get you on your way to your five a day. Find cool and satisfying smoothies, hearty veggie suppers, low fat vegetable soups and lots more.

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    This ratatouille always reminds me of good food and sunny weather. Ratatouille is a perfect use of summer veg!

    Recipe by: Anizou

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    This salad is a kaleidoscope of colour and taste - black beans, sweetcorn, green peppers and tomatoes. Lime juice, garlic and green chilli give it some punch. It can also be used as a dip with tortilla crisps.

    Recipe by: Merle Shinpoch

    80 reviews

    Here is a very simple way of enjoying avocados as a starter.

    Recipe by: JOSIE

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    I'll just say it: I am trying to eat less cheese. It is horrifying to me gastronomically, but appeals to my wish to eat more healthily. My family loves polenta, but how to make it taste as creamy and flavourful without the cheese I have come to rely on. The sun-dried tomatoes and rosemary make the polenta really tasty, but the basil-infused olive oil was the real secret to success. This is my first attempt. It worked really well for the adults, but the smaller kids turned up their noses.

    Recipe by: Syd

    23 reviews

    This delicious vegetarian stew is hearty in texture but rather delicate in flavour. Fresh or frozen garden peas may be used.

    Recipe by: ORNERY

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    This salad couldn't be simpler, but is a delicious accompaniment to barbecued meats, kebabs or fish.

    Recipe by: Dmarcks

    73 reviews

    An easy winter fruit dessert that's good for you too. For something a bit more indulgent, try serving with creme fraiche or meringues.

    Recipe by: misslisa

    25 reviews

    This is a colourful, spicy Mexican-style salad with loads of vegetables. You can use lime juice instead of lemon if you prefer.

    Recipe by: Christine Johnson

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    Made this vegetable casserole up myself because all these ingredients needed to be used up in my kitchen.

    Recipe by: stefy

    3 reviews

    I love roasting purple sprouting broccoli so that the edges get a bit crunchy and the stalks are still firm.

    Recipe by: Diana

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