Chocolate sauce recipes (26)

    Make an easy but decadent chocolate sauce to top ice cream, chocolate cake, brownies or profiteroles. We have loads of quick chocolate sauce recipes that are easy to make, most with only a handful of ingredients.

    Top chocolate sauce recipes

    32 reviews

    For all your chocolate whims! Of course it is perfect for ice cream, but consider using it as a sauce over cheesecake or profiteroles ...yum.

    Recipe by: Cathy

    12 reviews

    This chocolate recipe is so rich and delicious that I suggest that everybody should try it. It is suitable for any occasion, whether it is Easter, Christmas or an after dinner treat.

    Recipe by: Victoria_ashley_uk

    8 reviews

    This is a tried and true chocolate custard recipe, easily made and totally foolproof! Use your favourite good quality plain choc, and only add the cornflour if you want it thicker.

    Recipe by: bakingmaster

    4 reviews

    Serve warm over ice-cream or pancakes.

    Recipe by: Maggie Pannell

    256 reviews

    A runny chocolate syrup made with cocoa powder. Lovely poured on ice cream or over chocolate sponge pudding.

    Recipe by: sal

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