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    Black pudding isn't just for breakfast! Find loads of delicious recipes that use black pudding to jazz up salads, stuffings and stews. Try a bacon and black pudding salad, or black pudding stuffed chicken.

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    A lovely light supper, dinner party starter or weekend lunch!

    Recipe by: bert

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    Chicken stuffed with black pudding and wrapped in bacon with a creamy mushroom sauce. This is one of my son's favourite meals.

    Recipe by: LittleFriarTuck

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    These aren't your normal sausage rolls, they have black pudding in which gives them a hearty take on the usual sausage rolls and a distinctive full of flavour taste. I find I get the best and tastiest results from sausages with a high percentage of pork instead of using cheaper sausages however any sausage can be used and once again it's a recipe made from fridge and food cupboard staples.

    Recipe by: MamaMaguire

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    I made this with what little I had in the fridge and freezer on a Mother Hubbard day. It was difficult to choose the "cuisine" for this dish. I'm Scottish, but it's inspired by a tapas dish from my favourite Spanish restaurant Torres (Glasgow). Whatever, it tasted really good for something thrown together in a sparse kitchen. Let me know if you like it. If I were to change anything I'd probably add some red onion and maybe sprinkle over some toasted pine nuts, but this is it in the original form I know works.

    Recipe by: Kidtechnical

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    This is lovely, a nice change from the usual chicken stuffed with cheese. Something different - very impressive if having guests for dinner!

    Recipe by: Keri

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    This is my famous fry-up! It has everything an Irish fry up should have...bacon, sausages, fried soda bread, potato farls, black pudding, fried egg and fried tomato. No baked beans in sight!

    Recipe by: fergusa

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    Basically a black pudding hash. Black pudding is not to everyone's liking but this really is delicious, quick and easy to make.

    Recipe by: Riko

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    You won't believe what makes this so rich and sumptuous for little expense: your favourite pork sausages and black pudding. It would be lovely through autumn and winter but could be rustled up even as an addition to a late evening summer BBQ.

    Recipe by: Carillion

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    This takes some of my favourite things (black pudding, good cheese, potatoes and stout), and turns them into a fun evening meal. If you don't eat black pudding, then substitute with a slice or two of fine quality ham or corned beef.

    Recipe by: wsf

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    This delicious casserole featuring tender rabbit, mushrooms, and black pudding is perfect for a chilly autumn evening.

    Recipe by: Chrissie Lloyd

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