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    Black pudding isn't just for breakfast! Find loads of delicious recipes that use black pudding to jazz up salads, stuffings and stews. Try a bacon and black pudding salad, or black pudding stuffed chicken.

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    A lovely light supper, dinner party starter or weekend lunch!

    Recipe by: bert

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    Chicken stuffed with black pudding and wrapped in bacon with a creamy mushroom sauce. This is one of my son's favourite meals.

    Recipe by: LittleFriarTuck

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    These aren't your normal sausage rolls, they have black pudding in which gives them a hearty take on the usual sausage rolls and a distinctive full of flavour taste. I find I get the best and tastiest results from sausages with a high percentage of pork instead of using cheaper sausages however any sausage can be used and once again it's a recipe made from fridge and food cupboard staples.

    Recipe by: MamaMaguire

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    I made this with what little I had in the fridge and freezer on a Mother Hubbard day. It was difficult to choose the "cuisine" for this dish. I'm Scottish, but it's inspired by a tapas dish from my favourite Spanish restaurant Torres (Glasgow). Whatever, it tasted really good for something thrown together in a sparse kitchen. Let me know if you like it. If I were to change anything I'd probably add some red onion and maybe sprinkle over some toasted pine nuts, but this is it in the original form I know works.

    Recipe by: Kidtechnical

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    This is my famous fry-up! It has everything an Irish fry up should have...bacon, sausages, fried soda bread, potato farls, black pudding, fried egg and fried tomato. No baked beans in sight!

    Recipe by: fergusa

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    This is lovely, a nice change from the usual chicken stuffed with cheese. Something different - very impressive if having guests for dinner!

    Recipe by: Keri

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    Basically a black pudding hash. Black pudding is not to everyone's liking but this really is delicious, quick and easy to make.

    Recipe by: Riko

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    This takes some of my favourite things (black pudding, good cheese, potatoes and stout), and turns them into a fun evening meal. If you don't eat black pudding, then substitute with a slice or two of fine quality ham or corned beef.

    Recipe by: wsf

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    This delicious casserole featuring tender rabbit, mushrooms, and black pudding is perfect for a chilly autumn evening.

    Recipe by: Chrissie Lloyd

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    Every country consumes tripe, and all countries have different ways of cooking this dish which varies tremendously from one country to the other. Even the people within the country itself adds minute differences to try and enhance the dish of their country's version claiming their way of doing the dish to be the best in the country. Here is the way it is done in Gibraltar, my hometown and my version of "Tripe Gibraltar style".

    Recipe by: Hank6

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