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    This is a delicious use of leftover roast chicken, a treat for a Monday night supper! You may choose to roast your own chicken or buy it from the supermarket. A little grated cheese such as Parmesan or Pecorino Romano before serving is also a nice touch.

    Recipe by: Michele O'Sullivan

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    A really tasty supper dish, and easy to cook. If you prefer meat with your meal, or you want to make this more substantial, then add in some chopped chicken or ham. Peas and asparagus also go well in this recipe.

    Recipe by: Jenowuk

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    Arborio rice is simmered in white wine and chicken stock and finished with truffle oil and Parmesan cheese creating a rich, Italian-inspired risotto. I created this recipe because there is nothing quite like creamy, savoury rice. It is so delicious and filling, it can be a meal in itself!

    Recipe by: blondie5for5

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    If you like the natural, sweet flavour of butternut squash, you'll love this risotto! It is so creamy and full of flavour! Great as a side dish or main.

    Recipe by: MSCHEF

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    Risotto is comfort food at its best, and you can ring the changes by adding almost any fresh ingredients you have to hand. This one uses fresh asparagus, baby carrots and young spring peas and beans.

    Recipe by: Maggie Pannell

    Recipe videos: Risottos

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      Mushroom, courgette and bacon risotto
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      Saffron risotto
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      Prawn and scallop risotto
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      True Italian porcini mushroom risotto

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