Sandwich fillings (116)

    Looking for tasty sandwich fillings? Sick of emptying your pockets at the sandwich shop? We've loads of delicious and unique sandwich filling recipes for a change from the same ol' sandwich routine!

    Top sandwich fillings recipes

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    This tuna dish is simple to make and tastes fantastic. Tuna is mixed with eggs, onion, red pepper, olives, celery, pickles and seasonings. This salad creates the most flavoursome sandwiches. It's also great spread on crackers.

    Recipe by: Linda

    42 reviews

    A very popular takeaway especially after a night out at the pub. This favourite is so, so tasty - I'm sure once you try it, you'll certainly want to make more!

    Recipe by: wakeylass

    11 reviews

    The best and most amazing sloppy joes. Made with beef mince, these are so easy. Serve on a toasted bun.

    Recipe by: nickrt

    1099 reviews

    This is a wonderful tasting egg mayo that you will definitely devour. Use on lettuce for a salad or in sandwiches, floury baps or crusty rolls for a picnic.

    Recipe by: wifeyluvs2cook

    10 reviews

    This doner meat recipe blends lean meat with herbs and spices and gives an authentic doner meat taste.

    Recipe by: HiekelEssterol

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