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Luxuriously rich and creamy chocolate cheesecake recipes for a delicious and special ending to any meal. Find traditional chocolate cheesecake recipes, white chocolate cheesecakes and no-bake chocolate cheesecakes, too.

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Sinfully rich and velvety smooth, this elegant recipe becomes a favourite as soon as it is tasted. It is best if made a day before serving.

Recipe by: Çigdem

This recipe was passed down to me from my mum. It produces a rich, chocolaty cheesecake perfect for all cheesecake and chocolate lovers alike! Taste a little to ensure that the right amount of chocolate-ness has been reached. If you like cheesecakes a little more chocolaty then you may need to add a little more cocoa powder/water mix to taste.



This is a Swiss chocolate cheesecake that is asked for by my family and friends constantly! It is very rich and creamy and is SO simple to make with no baking required.

Recipe by: Bekkyboo


The unique thing about this cheesecake recipe is that it is made in a pressure cooker. Because this cake improves with time, make it the day before. If desired, garnish with icing sugar or whipped cream and sliced strawberries.

Recipe by: Eleanor Johnson


This is a heavenly chocolate cheesecake that has a surprise layer of toffee and chopped pecan nuts at the bottom. For a professional presentation, drizzle with a little toffee sauce to serve.

Recipe by: Stephanie

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No-bake chocolate cheesecake

No-bake chocolate cheesecake

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