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Find pasty recipes for the traditional Cornish pasty, steak and potato pasties, Scottish bridies, spicy vegetable and lots more. We've loads of delicious, flaky pasties that are ideal for picnics and packed lunches!

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These are delicious curried beef pies that are found in Jamaica and other islands in the Caribbean. They freeze well, and make perfect picnic food or packed lunches. Enjoy!

Recipe by: JEFFOLEE

1 review

I first began to make these pasties for my kids' lunches. They make great snacks or small meals.

Recipe by: lorrie

4 reviews

I wanted to create a Cornish pasty but with a difference. Very good and tasty. My kids love it and have asked me to make them in future as much better than the shops. Hope you like them, too.

Recipe by: Mixadish

2 reviews

A meatless version of a traditional favourite.

Recipe by: Viv Bearpark

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These delicious meat and onion pastry pasties are traditionally made with beef steak pieces but this version uses minced lamb.

Recipe by: Diane

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