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    We've got recipes for takeaway-style Chinese lemon chicken, Mediterranean lemon roast chicken, lemon flavoured chicken pasta dishes and much, much more.

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    This simple casserole shows how just a few flavours can become a feast. Try serving with steamed new potatoes and runner beans or fresh peas.

    Recipe by: Brenda Houghton

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    A whole chicken is rubbed inside and out with dried herbs, then roasted with lemon and olive. Simple but very delicious.

    Recipe by: barbzal

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    An easy slow cooker chicken recipe that cooks on its own and tastes great - the meat just falls off the bone!

    Recipe by: Dawn Ash

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    This recipe uses chicken legs, but works for part, or indeed a whole chicken. It goes well with roasted potatoes.

    Recipe by: NIBLETS

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    Succulent chicken thighs roasted with figs and lemon slices makes for a satisfying and impressive Mediterranean-inspired meal. The slightly sweet and sour sauce is perfect to serve with rice, and helps to caramelise the figs and lemon. Easy, delicious and if you feel the sauce isn't enough it can easily be doubled.

    Recipe by: Kimber

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    Just tried this today and thought I'd share. I served it with plain rice and veg, but I'm sure it'd be nice with new potatoes and fresh vegetables as well! I have a large family with lots of little children who only eat small portions (this fed 2 adults, 5 children and 1 baby). However, it'd be more suitable I think for 2-4 adults or similar. It was very subtle in taste.

    Recipe by: Sarah-Jean

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    A whole chicken sprinkled with fresh lemon and paprika is cooked slowly with lemon halves inside. This recipe is very easy and the chicken always stays tender and moist.

    Recipe by: MOLLYMARIE

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    Easy herbed chicken in creamy sauce, slow cooked on the hob, has an amazing flavour! The pan liquid is also excellent over pasta or mash.

    Recipe by: Angie E.

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    A savoury lemon sauce seasoned with a hint of sesame tastes fabulous with tender chicken and crunchy Oriental vegetables. Serve plain egg noodles or rice to add some satisfying starchy carbohydrate.

    Recipe by: Azmina Govindji

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    A great chicken recipe that I have made for years. Serve with rice and a fresh veggie. Impressive!

    Recipe by: Joyce Sokoloff

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