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    To finish off your cake in style - find loads of rich and decadent buttercream icing recipes including chocolate, vanilla, rum, lemon and more.

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    A rich icing, perfect for a variety of cakes, fairy cakes, muffins and cupcakes.

    Recipe by: Desiree

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    This is a wonderful buttercream frosting recipe, great for almost any cake out there. Perfect for those homemade birthday cakes or cupcakes for a school fete. Unlike most buttercream frosting recipes, this calls for caster sugar instead of icing sugar.

    Recipe by: Jennifer

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    Rich and moist dark chocolate and coffee cupcakes with a silky Baileys® Irish cream buttercream icing.

    Recipe by: han192

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    Get creative with this rolled icing! I used this to ice a cake for my dad's 60th.

    Recipe by: Kelley

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    Enjoy this lovely chocolate butter icing with Easy moist chocolate cupcakes. Perfect for a picnic, party or chocolate fix.

    Recipe by: Anita_132

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    A delicious and moist chocolate fudge cake with a fresh cream filling! For all you chocoholics out there! Easy recipe :-)

    Recipe by: Arends_15

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    A soft cream for sponge cakes and top of fairy cakes. If you want chocolate flavoured buttercream, add one tablespoon of cocoa powder.

    Recipe by: caz12

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    This is a basic buttercream frosting recipe, which you can enjoy as is or colour with food colouring to decorate birthday cakes, cupcakes, etc. If your icing sugar is lumpy, sift it into the butter for easier beating.

    Recipe by: Judy Wattenbarger

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    This is like the icing that bakeries put on birthday cakes, but I much prefer to make my own since I know what I am putting into it, and as always, homemade is best.

    Recipe by: Carol

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    A light and delicious twist on regular buttercream icing. This recipe is perfect for icing almost any cake. This recipe makes a generous amount. You will not run out when icing and decorating two 23cm round cakes.

    Recipe by: dsrinivasan

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