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Pasta bakes

Find delicious recipes for comforting cannelloni pasta bakes, macaroni cheese, fabulous lasagnes, chicken and broccoli pasta bakes and much more. All guaranteed to be a family friendly supper!

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A unique take on lasagne that is bursting with flavour. The type of sausage you use is really up to you, and really makes the flavour of this dish. If you prefer, you can make your own white sauce instead of using shop-bought cheese sauce.


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Spaghetti mixed with chicken and red pepper, baked in a cheesy tomato sauce! Great family comfort food!

Recipe by: Keri

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This is a tasty lasagne that I developed to help use up the abundance of tomatoes and courgette from my garden. I didn't have any pasta sauce on hand, so I just added the herbs to the vegetable mixture. Even my daughter and her picky mates ate it!

Recipe by: your mom

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A very simple pasta bake with ham, cream and cheese for when you don't have a lot of time to cook. Forget ready-made meals, this home-cooked meal is ready in no time at all, and your family will love it.

Recipe by: elisabeth

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Low-fat baked pasta shells stuffed with a mixture of tofu and spinach, covered in your favourite tomato pasta sauce. A vegetarian and vegan dream!

Recipe by: cookingforvegans

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Delicious cannelloni stuffed with an array of vegetables, Parmesan and ricotta cheese! Serve with a big green salad. Tasty!

Recipe by: Jill

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A hearty pasta bake of macaroni, beef mince, chopped tomatoes and tomato juice, grated Cheddar cheese and onions (if you like). Fun to make and enjoy with the kids at half term!

Recipe by: Linda Mack

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A traditional Greek dish made by layering cheesy macaroni and a meat and tomato sauce together, then topping the dish with a white sauce, before being baked to perfection.

Recipe by: David Reeves

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A simple pasta bake that is a boon to mums everywhere! Simply combine browned mince with cooked macaroni, a bit of butter, grated Cheddar and passata. The result is a cheesy, bubbly and comforting supper that will please the entire family.

Recipe by: IRISHEYES0814

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This colourful main dish is built up with layers of red pepper, lentil and bean sauce, sheets of lasagne and sliced artichoke hearts. The creamy, richly flavoured topping is a combination of ricotta and Parmesan cheeses.

Recipe by: Norma MacMillan

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