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Find delicious recipes for comforting cannelloni pasta bakes, macaroni cheese, fabulous lasagnes, chicken and broccoli pasta bakes and much more. All guaranteed to be a family friendly supper!

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This hearty meal is cheap and easy to make. Pasta is baked with tuna, sweetcorn and peas in a cheesy white sauce. Enjoy any day of the week.

Recipe by: I_Wanna_Be_a_Cook

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A rich dish made with meatballs in a tomato sauce with mozzarella served on tagliatelle. One of my favourite dishes.

Recipe by: mamabake

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As with all pasta bakes, this vegetable lasagne is family friendly and easy to prepare. It's chock-a-block with veg. You can opt for frozen peas and sweetcorn instead of tinned; simply defrost them first. Whilst it is baking in the oven, you can lean back, have a drink and enjoy the evening!

Recipe by: hilde

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Yummy pasta bake, easy to throw together, great for students, low-cost and full of nutrients to help study!!!

Recipe by: kimipatterson

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Delicious family recipe my mum made and then taught me, so easy to cook and very cheap ideal for families and students,s etc. Perfect winter warmer.

Recipe by: cardiff28

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Basic store cupboard ingredients to make a healthy, filling and tasty family favourite. Can be served with a side salad if wished. Tinned tomato soup is the secret ingredient - really adds to the dish.

Recipe by: AnnaReeves

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Bacon, mushroom, spinach pasta.

Recipe by: Siswick

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A tasty filling homemade lasagne that is easy to make but full of flavour. This recipe begins with a simplified Bolognese sauce.

Recipe by: LindaR65

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Delicious pesto lasagne made with no meat and no tomato. A family favourite for any night of the week.

Recipe by: lolly1412

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This is a quick and easy pasta bake that tastes wonderful. Plus, you can adapt it to include other fillings.

Recipe by: DorsetJammer

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