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    This is a highly indulgent Italian-inspired pasta bake. Lasagne sheets are layered with sausagemeat, pasta sauce and cheesy ricotta. Enjoy with garlic bread and a side salad.

    Recipe by: Paul Kahl

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    Mini meatballs are cooked gently in a rich tomato sauce, then combined with penne and cheese and baked till warm and bubbly. Kids will especially love this dish, but it's an all-round family pleaser for sure. Perfect to prepare up to 24 hours in advance, then bake when ready. Cut leftovers in portions and freeze for the week!

    Recipe by: NonnaPia

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    This lasagne takes a long time to make (especially when you account for as many wine-drinking intervals as I do) and isn't the cheapest to make either. Making this lasagne is an event, and you bet all your guests are gonna be asking you for it again and again! Not for the faint of heart. All measurements are approximations. This is very much an 'as you feel/when it looks right' sort of recipe.

    Recipe by: HeatherMay

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    Baked tortellini with asparagus and mushrooms in tomato sauce. The goats cheese topping is a nice addition.

    Recipe by: maryle27

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    It takes a little effort to prepare but it's always worth the while. Served with garlic bread and chips, or a side salad if you're watching the calories, this dish is certainly is a good'n. Enjoy!

    Recipe by: dontgobaconmyheart

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    This is a lovely wholesome filling meal that is cheap to make and goes a long, long way.

    Recipe by: lucylue101

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    A scrumptiously filling dish of cannelloni stuffed with a tasty mixture of minced veal flavoured with white wine, cream, tomatoes, herbs and Parmesan. A quick homemade tomato sauce tops it off before baking. Serve with a green salad.

    Recipe by: LADYNOCTURNE

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    This dish lets you use up all those 1/4 empty packets of pasta and uses them in a single dish. I always freeze stocks, and here you can use a gammon pressure cooked stock for a base flavour. The end result will keep you out of restaurants, the flavour and textures are fantastic. Even a pasta bake can taste like a gourmet dish. The key is a good stock and crunchy breadcrumb topping to add texture. This dish will be just as nice the next day microwaved.

    Recipe by: Merrouni

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    A boon for busy mums, this is a family friendly pasta bake that is especially great for using up any leftover pasta. Penne, fusilli or farfalle all work well, delicious combined with mince, Cheddar and tomato soup, then baked till bubbly.

    Recipe by: CANDACE COOK

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    It's always interesting to ring the changes with a familiar dish. This is an attractive and healthy variation on lasagne, with flakes of salmon and chopped asparagus in a light lemon and herb sauce layered with the pasta. It's perfect for when asparagus is in season.

    Recipe by: Maggie Pannell

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