Toffee apples

A favourite autumn treat, make your very own toffee apples with these easy and inventive recipes. You can get creative by covering your toffee apples with chocolate drizzles, crushed nuts or dried fruits.

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The perfect treat for Guy Fawkes night. Juicy apples are dipped into a sugar syrup and allowed to set. The brittle crunch of the toffee, goes exceedingly well with the sweet, crisp apple interior.

Recipe by: JONAR

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A classic toffee apple recipe perfect for Hallowe'en, or for a special Autumn treat. Using shop-bought tray toffee makes this recipe a breeze.

Recipe by: Allrecipes staff

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Delicious toffee apples coated in toffee - great for Halloween, fetes, fundraisers and birthday parties.

Recipe by: MUM1

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I make these for my kids at Halloween. Everyone loves them, and they couldn't be easier to make!

Recipe by: Suzie

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Toffee apples rolled in crunchy caramelised biscuit pieces, then drizzled with chocolate. Impress friends at your Halloween party or on Bonfire Night with this yummy and unique treat.

Recipe by: Allrecipes staff

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Kids will adore the combination of mini marshmallows, chopped nuts and chocolate on these fun toffee apples.

Recipe by: Allrecipes staff

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Apples are coated in toffee, rolled in a mixture of mini marshmallows and digestive biscuit crumbs, then drizzled with dark chocolate. These are fab to enjoy on Guy Fawkes night, as a dessert or a general treat.

Recipe by: Allrecipes Staff

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Sweet, salty and chocolaty - this is a delicious way to dress up Granny Smith apples. Try these treats at your next autumn gathering.

Recipe by: Allrecipes

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Brandy adds a little something extra to these traditional toffee apples.

Recipe by: Allrecipes staff

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Toffee apples with a sprinkling of dried cherries and flaked almonds - a decadent treat for Halloween or Bonfire Night! Using dairy toffees makes this recipe easy.

Recipe by: Allrecipes staff

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