Jacket potatoes (36)

    Our jacket potato recipes are full of inspiration to make the tastiest, most creative jackets ever. Let your imagination run wild with our jacket potato fillings!

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    An easy way to make your jacket potatoes creamy and cheesy, very simple and extremely tasty! Just use table salt if you don't have any sea salt, and use any grated cheese you wish!

    Recipe by: JennaLouise

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    I think this was the first recipe I learnt!! There is no baking involved so these are much quicker. You boil the potatoes first, then make the filling, then pop them under the grill. Pure comfort food!

    Recipe by: MCKERNANHAZEL

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    My favourite aunt introduced me to this deliciously rich and fragrant dish. In the past few years I've made some changes and this is the recipe my family likes best. It's a great chilli con carne alternative and it freezes well. Try it on a jacket potato!

    Recipe by: JRICE

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    Simple jacket potatoes that are ready in a flash thanks to the microwave. Experiment with the toppings - add diced ham, spring onion, cottage cheese or even salsa!

    Recipe by: sasa

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    Instead of having the oven on in the summer - make your baked potatoes in the slow cooker.

    Recipe by: Nurse Ellen