Bread and butter pudding recipes

    Bread pudding has to rank as one of the most comforting puds of all time. Tuck in with these easy recipes.

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    22 reviews

    This is an easy recipe for a classic British pudding.

    Recipe by: Swanseaboy17

    150 reviews

    This bread pudding is warm and gorgeous, with a lovely vanilla flavour.

    Recipe by: Marc Boyer

    5 reviews

    A traditional bread and butter pudding that puffs up and cooks to the perfect consistency. I've named the recipe my mothers favourite as she adores this dessert and always finishes it off in one day.

    Recipe by: fatgirlslimx

    12 reviews

    This is a classic bread and butter pudding recipe.

    Recipe by: naturekate

    7 reviews

    A Scottish twist on a traditional bread pudding recipe. Make in individual ramekins for an impressive dinner party presentation, and try using brioche or pannetone instead of plain bread to make it extra special.

    Recipe by: Diana

    5 reviews

    The French bread brioche is such a great type of bread to use in a bread and butter pudding. Tried and tested by some very fussy family members, this pudding passes the tests for flavour, texture and appearance.

    Recipe by: CaryC

    38 reviews

    A friend shared this recipe with us years ago and we have enjoyed it many times since. It's rich and decadent; always a treat.

    Recipe by: JACLYN

    4 reviews

    This recipe will produce a traditional tasting bread pudding with a classic texture. However, it will have a pale look rather than the old style brown look, but it does taste delicious.

    Recipe by: iannewsman

    97 reviews

    Classic bread pudding is great by itself, but this one is enhanced with walnuts and the tart flavour of fresh rhubarb.

    Recipe by: DMJOLLY

    4 reviews

    My mum made this whenever she had some stale bread. It is delicious served hot with custard or cream. It's also good cold!

    Recipe by: unprofesional

    2 / 8

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