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    Find rich and irresistible shortbread biscuit recipes to fill the biscuit tin. We have classic shortbread, chocolate shortbread, lemon shortbread and lots more.

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    These all-butter shortbread biscuits are simple yet luxurious. Use a biscuit cutter or a biscuit press to make festive shapes for Christmas, Hanukkah, Easter or any occasion!

    Recipe by: Sally

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    This luxurious all-butter shortbread is simple but classic.

    Recipe by: Cheryl Otten

    27 reviews

    This is a Scottish recipe. The cornflour improves the crumbly texture. Chocolate, raisins and nuts are some of the things which can be added as well.

    Recipe by: TheoH

    26 reviews

    These biscuits are buttery and crumbly. They require just three ingredients to make! Serve alongside a cuppa. Feel free to spruce up this highly versatile biscuit recipe, by adding chocolate chips, nuts or dried fruit.

    Recipe by: inspiredcook

    719 reviews

    These caramel squares are super-easy to make and they take only 20 minutes to bake.

    Recipe by: Julia

    2024 reviews

    Shortbread biscuits filled with raspberry jam, and drizzled with glaze.

    Recipe by: Dee

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    I think it's very easy, well most of it sure is anyway! The only bit that I really struggled on was the mixing of the ingredients - the mixing it into breadcrumbs with your fingers bit I actually found to be easier using dough whisks. Plus it reduces your mixing time by about 5-8 minutes. From then it gets pretty easy with the rolling and cutting and everything...!

    Recipe by: elleasha101chhiber

    13 reviews

    I really wanted to try to make my own Maryland brand cookies but I couldn't find a recipe that even looked like it would be anywhere close to a Maryland cookie. I read the ingredients listed on the back on the packet and found out that 1. they were made with vegetable oil, NOT butter and 2. they didn't have any eggs in them. They are basically chocolate chip shortbread made with vegetable oil instead of butter! You will need either a standing electric mixer or a handheld electric mixer.

    Recipe by: top_1

    12 reviews

    So easy to follow, so yummy on the taste buds. Fun for the kiddies to help you with. Definitely my family favourite. I have said this makes 12, but this depends on how big your cutter is.

    Recipe by: kelly2285

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    A lovely buttery traditional family shortbread recipe that's been handed down from gran to mum to me. Very easy and always turns out perfectly.

    Recipe by: moragmac1

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