Key lime pie

    For a light and refreshing dessert, try our Key lime pie recipes. Easy to make, you can even skip the baking if you have a shop-bought pastry case!

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    Zesty, easy and better than cheesecake. The original key lime pie is made with - it is in the name - key limes, a smaller and tangier version of a normal lime. I, however, used normal limes, because they were easier to find at my supermarket and it still turned out great.

    Recipe by: Jdoran5244

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    Key Lime Pie made healthier but just as delicious

    Recipe by: Healz

    2708 reviews

    This refreshing dessert is so easy to make - you just need to be patient while it chills and sets in the fridge!

    Recipe by: Annrichardson

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    A delicious dessert. This is so easy to make you can put your feet up and relax with a nice cup of tea/coffee.

    Recipe by: debz2

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    This key lime pie is refreshing, full of citrus flavours and just irresistible! Ideal served as a cool end to a special meal with family and friends.

    Recipe by: AbuMartha

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    I used to buy key lime pies but then I started making them and playing with the recipe until I got the flavour completely right. I think this is an extraordinarily good key lime pie! I hope you enjoy it.

    Recipe by: Arlette Therese

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    I recently went vegan and so adapted some of my old faithful dessert recipes! This is a super dessert with a sweet base and a zingy, fresh top.

    Recipe by: cazmantis

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    This is a recipe I've fine-tuned to suit my vegan mother's taste, which is quite the challenge considering her strict diet. So far, no one has noticed the avocados until I tell them! The base is made with ground almonds and dates instead of butter. The filling is sweetened with agave nectar so no refined sugar is needed. Decorate with grated coconut.

    Recipe by: Jenelle Jackson

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    This quick and easy key lime pie in a jar makes the perfect portable dessert. You will need 6 small glass jars.

    Recipe by: Culinary Envy

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    This dessert has a crunchy base made with macadamia nuts, a layer of white chocolate and a creamy lime topping - a simply delicious combination of flavours!

    Recipe by: KDPFISTER88

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