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    Try our easy and delicious chicken noodle soup recipes, the perfect remedy for when you're feeling under the weather.

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    Pho ga, a Vietnamese chicken noodle soup, is topped with beansprouts, lime juice and chilli sauce for a deliciously spicy meal. You could also try adding fresh ginger and fish sauce to the soup and garnishing with basil and slices of jalapeno chilli pepper.

    Recipe by: Cora

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    Homemade noodles transform this everyday soup into something special. Perfect for a cold night. Make the noodles ahead of time so that they can dry before putting them in the soup. You can also make them beforehand and freeze.

    Recipe by: LaDonna

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    In Asia, there are different kinds of 'noodle soup'. This one is a great comfort food on a cold day, but also light and healthy. Quantities are arbitrary - adjust to own taste. Very important to add the shallots as they give the fragrance and flavour. Instead of egg noodles, sometimes I use macaroni. If you are adventurous, eat with chopped hot chilli pepper or add some dried chilli flakes to make the soup spicy.

    Recipe by: Angie

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    A delicious and hearty soup that's also low in fat. Chicken is simmered with egg noodles, celery and onion in a thickened chicken stock. Serve with fresh crusty bread, if desired.


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    This soup is not only delicious, but also the perfect healthy meal. Chicken is simmered with an assortment of vegetables and egg noodles, in a chicken stock.

    Recipe by: Lloyd Newman

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